MILFs you would do.

Jennifer Garner, 47 years old, mother of 3, married to Ben Affleck. She is an actress, does loadsa adverts on telly here and is worth around $60million in her own right.

This is Shannon L Pollock, mother of 2.

She is also a porno actress who works under the name Syren De Mer
A friend has told me she likes BBC and apparently not the news channel.
TBH I think that if they pick up the $1500 + for a days work they don't really care too much.
What she has done newscaster porn? Where is it?

Asking for the aforementioned friend obviously.
I've heard, from a mate, that the going rate for top end, in demand totty is around that mark, first-timers and amateurs get around the $500 - $700 mark. That is day rate, only when they are working. They can make more if they are part of the production company or have money in the project.

Oh, and that newscasting is on speshul channel's, you something, or red something, or something tube .......... I forget.

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