MILFs you would do.

Do you understand the reason for this thread , just asking like.
Yes, but do you under stand, that I understand that us auld ones aren't that fussed? I grant you it may not comply with the spirit of the thread, but if I was buried balls deep there,{ well all of a quarter of an inch,) do you think I would be refusing because she hadn't dropped one? The last sentence was a purely rhetorical question.
I look forward to you posting pics in the Question Time Commentary thread then, you sheep's clopper.
Find it difficult to understand the hostility, can only say don't go to the Redheads, Brunettes or the Dead threads, I'm sorry but they're all not red, dark or dead there either you twats. I just like looking at tits.
There are loads of threads to post pictures of slappers in on Arrse, this one is for MILFS.
You get bitey quick don't you.
You make a chopping board look like a lap top.
not really, Mr Dummy made me do it.
Some anonymous internet persona made you do it?
All CTD did was point out your post wasn't a MILF and didn't belong in this thread and you went off like a white phosphorous trip flare.

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