MILFs you would do.


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Cant abide the smug unprofessional trollop 2nd from bottom, sniggered like a little girl over the trump balloon thing
She is unbearable and one of many on the BBC couch who are trying their best to compete with ITV, instead of sticking to the actual news! There are so many of them and the BBC is so obsessed with ticking the diversity boxes, it is very difficult to keep up with who is on from day to day.
Anyway, back on thread, Naga is not my type - far too boyish.
One more face lift and she'll need to shave every morning.
She can't have any more facelifts. Next time, she'll have to have her body lowered.
Still better looking and less plastic than Cher *shudder*
Here's a GILF! Fifty-four year old Amanda Booth who is entering the forthcoming Miss Galaxy competition:

I would (but that's not saying much)....
Her body looks like a relief map of North Wales.

I would though.

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