MILFs you would do.

I have fond memories as a lad of spending time perusing Mayfair, Penthouse and occasionally Playboy and being actually interested in the articles. Especially Playboy as it gave a unique window into American culture in the 70s'. Whereas the rest of the topshelf catalogue was just porn with fake letters, reader's wives and rubbish stories.

I remember being astonished at the smut on sale in Germany when I first went on a cadet annual camp. A few years later they started appearing in 'specialist' UK stores but with red dots added as some form of censorship.
Mayfair was described by the education officer on the Ark Royal as being one of the best examples of descriptive English prose in the Sailor series. The pictures weren't bad either, lots of lady gardens on show.
Belinda Stewart-Wilson, best known for her role as Will's rather foxy Mum in The Inbetweeners.

I would plant my head in her groin and come up for air some time in 2024. Ok, make it early 2025.

May I proffer Bettany Hughes - currently presenting a history of Pompeii on Ch 5. 2 rugrats so qualified and a spectacular rack to boot!


"Boys, when I take my bra off, they are THIS big!!"
You sir, are a very misguided kind of pervert. You ne
I don't know how to type the sound of retching, but...retch, hurl, hoik.

You sir, are a very misguided kind of pervert. You need professional help!
Pervert I’ll wear, misguided? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it is my motto, except bum sex obviously.....

Each and every one of them would go like bolt fed wombats, be eternally grateful & with their experience leave you cross eyed for a week...

What’s not to like....
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