MILFs you would do.

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And a certain FofS who put pictures of his wife, "Wendy from Wigan" in Fiesta's readers' wives. There she was in all her chubby anatomical glory, surrounded by their collection of dildos.
When I was running a Cadet Det sometime ago turned up one drill night and found a gang of the little scally wags gathered around one boy in particular, he was proudly showing photo's of his mum.On closer inspection they had been taken by his 'Uncle Eric' and they were all in various states of undress and positions. Obviously I had to confiscate them immediatelly for 'certain reasons' he got them back at the end of drill night................three months later. She was quite notorious and anyone on Rememberence Parade in Redcar will have known her, she was the raven haired harridan who always wore short floaty skirts with stockings, usually sans underwear. Strangely the husband always wore his maroon beret with a leather trench coat at the Cenotaph he might even have been a Para...........once.
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She keeps getting nominated on the Unseen Tits thread (never going to happen) but I'm not sure that the MILFtastic Lucy Lawless has ever been properly nominated on here (3 kids)

You ask for pictures of a bloke in bondage gear and I'm the weirdo?
Stonker is the “sharky ward” of the Army.

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