MILFs... Own up Own up...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by abrecan, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. Feck me, civvy n unattached MILFs aplenty on numerous chat sites and on the town. Only took three hours b4 sausage time. Completely willing an' all. Even sorted online into yer local postcodes. Well, just washing the bed sheets after the weekend and looking for all the sausage skins.

    So let's have your "true" recollections when you logged on, or trapped that MILF....and then bent it like Beckham.

    MILF Age
    MILF Quality
    Fastest Catch
    Civvy (we don't sh*t on our own)


    The thread's all yours.
  2. We should retitle this thread 'Bring out the sex liars'

    We are bound to get stories of the 'mother / daughter combo'

    'The she sucked us off while my mate pied her starfish'

    Roll up roll up, tell your sex lies here, the more elaborate the better
  3. NOt having a dig at all those farp folk, who trapped young innocents girls into crates with the classic line I am the pilot of this fine machine.
  4. But but....honest I bet yer , ask her ask her :p
  5. Well I went town the other night and trapped off with a 40 year old stunner, who took me back to her place for coffee. When we got in she asked if I had ever had a mother and daughter. I answered no and expected heaven. She shouted up the stairs "Mam are you still awake" :)
  6. Easy there mate. I get off on this sort of stuff. 8)
  7. Trapped a quite fit 44 year old not so long back, just through her front door and she says "have you ever tried a mother/daughter combo before"?

    "No" says I.

    "MUM" she cries up the stairs.

    Bugger thinks I.
  8. PMSL!
  9. Yes we don't want big porkies and stories cut and pasted from grot mag's do we? Even if you "aint" yet, you might,,,, and which MILF (or GILF) would it be?

    MILFs, quality and sadly overlooked.
  10. 1979 got regular blowjobs from girlfriends mum :D

    1992 went to a wedding. Copped off with atractive middle aged lady. Excellent shag :D :D Found out she was the brides step mum!!
  11. Looks like we're on a roll.........
  12. Whilst having a shower in a block at RAF Marham in the 70's I heard a mother and daughter discussing the previous nights lays. they werent that good I seem to remember :( :(
  13. Well...I'm gutted and Smudger will be an' all. Them two were well pissed anyway, honest. :wink:

    Minister...don't worry it's only fun :eek:
  14. Milf Age - 39
    Milf Quality - High
    Time to trap - 3 hours
    Milf Standards - Well she kicked me out of the house before I got to hide my little warrior so obviously quite high.

    Maybe next time!
  15. Come on mate....u dribbled on her Bathmat dint ya? they hate that they do