MILFS? NAAFI barmaids you could have or did

That's the one mate. She had a daughter (16ish in 2000, I think) who was supposed to be quite fit.

I should imagine her minge smelt quite strongly of NAAFI cheesy chips and her husband's bitter tears.

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No she wasn’t. The daughter started working in the shop, I would’ve banged her but then I had exceptionally poor standards back then
The fat lass with pencilled on eye brows?

She was married (may still be) to a Sgt in the pioneers but as I last had the misfortune to meet her in 1992 I may be somewhat off with these revelations.

A truly horrific beast in every sense but I'd still have liked a glimpse of her (I imagine) massively battered and shaved twat.
Me and Axxy Axxxm were in the shop one bright and early Saturday morning, buying breakfast beers, and Axdy made the mistake of gobbing off to her about her comedy eyebrows. She slapped him full in the face, as in straight arm telegraphed slap, if we hadn't have been so drunk he could have dodged it.
However, in the p1ssed state we were in, that slap rang out across the shop like a thunderclap!
After what seemed like an age, Axdy paid for his beers and walked out in a zombie like state in pure bewilderment at having been slapped in the shop, while I tried to recover the arm full of space raiders I'd dropped when I p1ssed myself laughing!
Me "Mate, did you just get slapped by a NAAFI bird?"
Axdy "What the fxck! Did that just really happen?"
Me "Yes mate, it was fxcking outstanding! I thought you were going to nut her"
Axdy "Fxck that, she would have battered us both"
Me "I p1ssed me self and dropped all the crisps. And I forgot my pork pie"
Axdy "I think I'll give the shop a miss for a few days"
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