MILFS? NAAFI barmaids you could have or did

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sapperbraindead, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Most were munters,but still remember fantasising about the hefty one at the Beach.Would have been fantastic,unless she got on top 8O
  2. Scotch Debbie, after putting on her massive f*cking specs when she woke up, she slid her bedside draw open, snapped off a chunk of Dairy Milk, stuffed it in her chops then lit a fag producing a strangely pleasent 'sweet tobacco' taste when I put my tongue in her mouth
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  3. Hedda in the Winklehausen opp roberts barracks had a small flat at the back of the pub used to see who could stay latest all ways good for a ride longest nipples ive ever seen
  4. The NAAFI Manageress at Wellington Barracks in the 80s enjoyed nothing more than being rogered by a toyboy. She was late 40s early 50s and quite fit, especially after 6 pints of Fosters.

    When she wanted a bit she would put herself on the barmaid's roster in the Guardsman's Beer bar, then take her pray/victim/lucky bugger up to her flat above the NAAFI.
  5. There was one at the NAAFI at the back of 7TR Catterick in 1954, think her name was Christine. If you could get 8 old halfpennies along the old man, edge to edge, you were guaranteed a ride.
  6. There was 1 in Fally who had a son serving in the same garrison. What an honour knowing that half the camp has been through yer ma
  7. Blonde lass in CTCRM 1984.....ah the mammories.....she come to see me whilst i was in sick bay....wasnt sick enough to shag her......

    Cambri Bks 85 dark haired lass she was big, nice box on her too
  8. was a bar maid at 7 sigs bar in bruggen called Sandra who was hot but then they weren't NAAFI staff in there. this was round 2000-2003
  9. How long ago are we talking?
  10. Was she rather slim?

    There was one there until 18 months ago that fits that description but since left, she revisits occasionally

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  11. That's got to be a RAF Naafi bar, fucking wankers always got the good gear.
  12. Looks more like The Woodmans In sunny Bordon, with it's ever changing rota of Easty Beasty might as well be called a naafi....:)
  13. Sorry, I hadn't noticed the bar

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  14. Did you wet the bed last night?
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