Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TheLordFlasheart, Jan 10, 2004.

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  1. Ok as this is my 1000th post, I thought I'd celibrate by opening this thread to the floor. Talk about anything you want. I'm ringing the bell. :lol:
  2. Fairly new around here.....

    But congratulations on the 1000!

    You don't look a bit over 750.

    After reading some of the threads, however is it wise to throw the floor open to the masses?

    They seem to be a very free thinking bunch?

    It could get very dirty in here.

    Oh well, will bring wellies next time to check out what goes off!

    Later Peeps.
  3. Congrats Flash - seems I have some catching up to do then :lol:
  4. only 1000 flash, that does surprise me :D
  5. Whitehall, thanks for the concern but I think I may be able to take the results! (Read the Grimsby Herald, 24/5/1987, page 6, Man caught abusing an African Ibex with a bowl of fruit and a trilby, Shock, horror).

    Freedom of thought is what the NAAFI is about mate. Enjoy.

    Jester. Have fun, say what you want, feel what you must (not including young choir boys). :lol:
  6. Well done flashy, excellent support .................... now maybe a good time to bury the rumours about you regarding the incident in the toilets in Waterloo train station in the summer of 98, think the headline was "Man caught in toilets wearing leather flying helmet,goggles, raincoat but forgot trousers"
  7. For your info, I didnt 'forget' my trousers. The leather speedos were worn on purpose. It was just the interpritation of the copper, his word against mine. :p (He was later found in Croydon involved in a rather immoral act with a pedal boat and an amputee).
  8. Congratulations - How do you manage to make posts at a rate of 5.15 per day and still fit in your - shall we say - ‘peccadilloes’
  9. How about celebrating by buying yourself a dictionary so you can interpret words of more than one syllable and spell tem correctly?

    Oh this is too easy....
  10. Quite.

    Congrats Flash - here's to the next 1000.
  11. Well done Flashy. Can I have a ride in your cab ?!?
  12. Bet you feel a Royal penis now..........

    Stones / glass houses etc etc...
  13. He was feeling Royal penis LONG before this.
  14. Would Flash like to feel my penis?
  15. Flash has a hoop you could drive a lorry through, so I doubt he would feel a thing. Try a trash bin or telephone pole. :D