Mileage rates for use of own car?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_beer_man, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys.

    Recently went up to ITC Catterick for a course. (Got sick and was sent home, but thats another story). As I was the only one going I was asked if I didn't mind taking my own car and that fuel would be paid for. No dramas with that so carried on.

    Have just looked at what HMG have put into my bank and after the 2 days pay (at PTE level) are taken away it reads that they have paid me the princely sum of £33.03p for fuel.......... I travelled from NW Kent. Surely thats not right, I didn't take a ******* moped. £65 to fill up my tank and used 1 and 1/4 tank for the journey there and back.

    Does anyone know if there is a milage rate that we as the TA are paid so I can work out if I've been short changed?

    And before anyone says "ask your PSI" I can't as we're on easter leave at the moment and to be honest I don't really want to upset anyone at this time as I'm walking (possibly fallen off) a very thin line at the moment as it is.

    Thanks Lads

  2. The rate depends on whether you have Class 2 Business Insurance or just Social, Domestic and Pleasure. Which have you got?
  3. Pretty sure it is around 25 p a mile. Are you sure the money paid in isnt your normal wages? Did you submit a claim through JPA? JPA claims go in separately from your normal pay.
  4. SD&P

    PSI gave me normal pay sheet with what I done and normal entered into the travel box. I asked about the mileage claim (IIRC it was a 1771 form or something like that) and he said that the PASO was doing it this way?
  5. Ah! The official rate is £0.00 per mile.
  6. Terrific. As if money Isn't short enough at the moment.
  7. I suggest you have a word with your PSI. [​IMG]
  8. If you were asked to use your own vehicle for military purposes then you should get the higher rate of 40p/mile I think?
  9. Don't forget to add the £1.50 each way for the Dartford tunnel.
  10. Just had a JPA brief a couple of hours ago :)

    You can claim MMA if:

    You have been ordered to undertake a duty;
    You have been authorised to use your own car because no military transport is available;
    You have obtained a Non-Availability Certificate of Transport from your MT section before you use your car;
    You have insurance cover for business use; your car is taxed and has a current MOT.

    You cannot claim Official Duty Rate (ODR) unless it has been authorised by the CO.

    If you don't have business insurance you won't be able to claim MMA or ODR.
  11. IIRC you should be getting approx 31p per mile for the Public Transport Rate (PTR).

    [As this is below the HMRC agreed milage rate of 40p, you can claim the difference - the princely sum of 9p-ish per mile - as a tax relief. Probably not worth if for the odd small claim, but worth it if you do make a fair few claims - especially if your sizable TA pay has helped push you into the higher tax bracket! Don't spend it all at once.]
  12. As CC-TA posted you need a non-availibility of Service transport,
    FMT 1000 transport request filled in and authorised by your MT as transport not available but authorised journey
    Copy of joining instructions or authority to train from OC - CO etc
    Copy of insurance showing Business Class cover minimum of £10m Public liability

    JPA claim for MMA at PCR

    Do not use ODR as this would require your vehicle to be available to MOD on demand (unlikely to happen but could)
  13. Don't forget to deduct the first 9 miles of your trip as a "personal contribution".
  14. There's feck all about that in the rule book!
  15. Its mentioned in some joining instructions that I've just had and it was also stated in one of our news letters that came a while back - I don't have any official reference for it though but apparently it also applies to the Regulars.