Mile half speed?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by swansea84, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. Guys what speed would i need to be running at to hit my mile half in 9.18 Really bad at maths and want to get used to running at a faster pace on a running machine

    Edited because i cant spell for shit.
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    [no wah] 6.12 (9.18 x 2/3) [/no wah]
  3. 15.8km h
  4. Get off the treadmill and hit the grass/road, running outside is a different affair believe me you will see.
  5. Cheers
  6. Totally agree but just want to know what speed to be running at. Im running mostly outside. But do runn on the machines sometimes. And i always feel like im runnign slow on them.
  7. So i should be hitting 10 mph or faster?
  8. He means 'a mile in 6.12' not 6.12mph. It's about 11mph (12mph is 60/5 and so a mile in 5 minutes, mile and a half in 7.5). But what you want to do is get to a running track and think 'it's 2400 in 9:18 (558) so 400 in 93 (1 min 33) or 100 in 23 and a quarter. Bring a stopwatch and work to those times. How I did it was get the 400 time on its own first, then do six of them with rests in between, then cut down the rest time until you're doing the whole thing at the needed speed.

  9. Cheers no running tracks around by me? suppose i could use a full size football pitch work out that way.
  10. Googlemaps. Find somewhere close to home, work it out to the nearest 5m or whatever it is on there and away you go.
    Low tech.

    I would also suggest uphill sprints and down hill speed sessions (careful with the latter).
  11. Another method for mile and a half is measure your run to 1.6 miles and then try to achieve the 1.5 time your aiming for i,e 9.18 over 1.6 miles instead of 1.5
    Break the run into to sectors doesnt really matter what distance although fairly even distances across the run,then note the times you arrive at said sector points,then next time aim to shave off a couple of seconds from the previous run,so on and so on
  12. i like the 1.6 Idea gona try that. That will push me harder to get the time.
  13. Thanks for the link mate.