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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mosh_monster, Mar 29, 2005.

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  1. should women b givin the extra time on there b.p.f.a????? it's probably bin done to death b4 but lets go again!

    aparently it a physiological diffrece between men and women that allow the army to do this! so in that respect should black people be givin less time to do it due to them having "physiologicaly" more fast twitch fibers in there muscles allowing them to travel faster! black people's calfs are also higher in there leg allowing quicker movment due to the pendulum effect!

    this is just 1 way in my opinion the army has fallen flat on it's face! you can check my facts in any anatomy and physiology book if you want, as an ex sport science student i know im right for once!
  2. i think that if women and older soldiers can get more time on the bpfa then the army is stipulating that you can still be an effective soldier, therefore, why should the lower ranks be made to pass a faster standard?
    the system is flawed, where as i am just floored!
  3. yes older peps should get more time! the point i was making is women should not be givin more time for there bpfa! and the armys answer to this is bollo x!
  4. all ranks serve side by side so why should junior ranks have to be fitter?
  5. o.k fair point 1 gold standard time for all!
  6. Becasue a lot of em would be right fat cnuts by the time they were seniors if they were allowed to run slow when young! :D
  7. And why isn't this in the fitness bit?

    I'm sure there's smoe very clever science behind allowing different run times. Possibly... maybe....
  8. Most men reach there prime, not sexual, but physicalby late 20's early 30's. Therefore at 30 you get an extra 30 secs which for the most of us, makes it easier, and at 35 another 30 secs, which for most of us again makes it easier.

    I personally am over 35 and can pass the BFPA well under the standard 10:30 as so can most of the seniors I work with. To have a standard time for all would probably bring the standard time back up to 11:30 as before, making it easier for the younger soldiers, this is not the way to go. The BPFA is what it says BASIC PERSONAL FITNESS ASSESSMENT. No one should be failing it at any level, unless they have no arms or legs. :D
  9. ok basic fitness test, great but i knew a county standard x crountry runner who struggled om his BFT everytime.
    and before you start i am an ex been out a while, but the most i ever had to run was approx 1/2 mile amore approrpriate test would ne more akin to section attack drills of sprint down coverinf fire leapfrog etc etc over a half mile in full fighting kit, that was more knackering than just running..

    just a opinion of course..

    bonedome on and awaiting flak
  10. Fitness should be relevant to the job. There are those gym queens who will bleat on about a fit mind and a fit body, which implies that if you keep fit it will sharpen your cognitive and dexterous responses too. If this was the case fighter pilots would be tested to a higher standard and couch potatoes would be crap at x box etc
  11. this is my point, shouldnt the BASIC test be a singular standard that is set for all? as i mentioned before, when in war, all men and women are expected to perform to the same standard, you dont often hear an officer saying " ah sgt mcdonald, you're over 30, dont worry about storming the bridge, it may be too difficult for you."
  12. I was always told that the BPFA is purely for Comds to assess the fitness of individuals within their unit not their ability to carry out their role. Fit for role is tested by using the BCFT which has different requirements for different capbadges but no lee-way for sex or age.
  13. The BPFA isn't conected with rank it's aged depenant.

    I know of a Cpl in Germany that is on the 35+ band.

    My views are that if females aren't allowed/able to join infantery regts they shouldn't be allowed in the army.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but, basic training is where you learn things such as First-aid, field-craft and skill-at-arms etc, and all the other infantry skills, what is the point in this if they aren't able to take a proper infantry roll.

    Why not just give them a trade (Nurse, Chef and Clerks) then give them the bare essentials (Skill-at-arms, first-aid and military knowledge).
  14. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    So what you mean to say is that infanteers learn nothing after phase 1? That their officers attend PCBC just for the sake of it? Further to that the support arms never go near the war? I know of 6 dead RMP's who may beg to differ. Pillock.

    EDIT: Appologies for the very off topic post
  15. Ere instead of moaning about the girls getting a different time, why dont you actually get out and do one? ;)