Mile and a Half in TA training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by canna5, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi Fellas,

    Just come back of RSW and was wondering do you continue to do your mile and a half throughout training.
  2. I'd carry on training at it if I were you! They do it rather a lot!
  3. I just got back from RSW too, I was told that we will be doing more PFT's (1.5mile) to assess our improvment. Was you at Strensal?
  4. You'll do one every weekend during your 1a/1b, you'll do at least 2 on CMS(R), and you'll then (at least if you want your bounty) be doing at least one a year.

    So yes, you will.
  5. Yes.

    Not every weekend though.
  6. Cheers lads, gonna really knuckle down and get a good time when i do it for the last time in Phase One.

    Yeah I was there, got bk at 5.30
  7. If it's anything like my unit, you will probably be doing your run lots and lots throughout the year, even after training.
    It always seems to be shoved in on a sunday morning either just before or after breakfast for good measure.
  8. You'll be doing them until you retire, I know cos despite being a genuine old fart I'm still doing them although my times are somewhat slower these days. Best I've managed recently is 11.29.
  9. My query regarding this is, if you are in a decent ish shape, wouldn't it be advisable to semi coast the first 1-2 pft's, since it will get harder and harder to improve on the run time the fitter you are.

    Example, someone who runs a 8 min 30 pft on weekend 1. Will they expect you to improve on that time every week (and hence if you don't, receive a poor improvement report).
  10. The 1.5mi is, of course, a best personal effort.

    How you choose to interpret that is up to you...
  11. Fair enough.

    Sometimes I think such tests are skewed towards lazy people. On the other hand it gives them incentive so it's not a completely bad thing to have.
  12. what are the expected times? got all this coming up soon. i've been told you only need 12.5mins in the 81st sigs. is that across the board???surely not!
  13. If you have a run time that is consistently decent (maybe around 10:30 or better) I doubt they will have a problem if you aren't improving too much.

    Just been at RTC this weekend doing some MATT's, and one of the guys on selection got a run time of 7.45.
    Expecting him to always improve on that is quite a tall order.

    And dark_digler, do you mean you have selection coming up? if so, you will need to run in under 14.00 unless you are going infantry where you will need 13.00 mins or less at selection.
    I'm not sure about other arms, but for infantry you need to do the run in under 10.30 by the end of training.
  14. Interesting that I've been told under 12:30 by my proposed unit (inf) and that's just for the risk reduction run. Matts time for my age is only 11:30
  15. This is what we were all told this weekend:

    4para - 9:30mins
    Infantry - 14:00mins
    Other arms - 15:00mins

    That was at recruit selection, I'm sure you will need a better time towards the end.

    Edit to say the PTI said this right before the run, so I'm 100% sure this is correct.