Mildly amusing

The bandit only needed flossing because he has been Brewing the Welsh leather dumplings!
"You should have seen your face! You looked like you were
dropping the eggplant."

Is that something to do with scat or FiveAlpha? I'm confused!
"going to town on the curtain." The dirty ol' bugger
[FONT=Lucida, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]You can't expect me to believe you were only
wielding the pope's mushroom.

The friendly men spent an enjoyable afternoon rearranging the cheese.

Organzola perhaps?

MSR you bastard... that's my afternoon fucked.


Is it me?
Got through about ten of them and went back to watching the grass grow. Much more interesting.
Anyone care to yodel the wax v-chip? Dirty sods!

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