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Sons' car has been laid up since October.
Covers came off today and the inside has a good helping of mildew on all surfaces.
Anyone ever had this problem? and if so how did you remove it?
My thoughts are
Spray with meths(battery is disconnected :O) ) to kill spores then use something like Vanish carpet cleaner
If you can get hold of Autosmart products get some G101 not cheap but does the job spray it on, stiff brush it off, will get rid of all those nasty little stains he leaves on the seats as well. :)
I'd be careful with the Mildew removers you buy in supermarkets and such like marketed for bathrooms as they contain bleach.

Mush_lad found had put his goretex jacket away whilst still damp and found mildew on it 2 months later. Being a smart arse he used the bathroom mildew remover on it, and it's now a not-very-pretty blue and murky yellow cammo pattern
Spray (cheap) vodka onto it let it dry and then brush off.

Kills the spores and works as well as most much more expensive Mildew removers with the added bonus that you can get rid of any remaining product in a biologically and nature friendly way.

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