Mild Winter and North/South Reactions

Found this as an old file and it seems relevant and forms some light relief during our mild winter .
10°C Southerners turn on heating … Northumbrians plant gardens

5°C Southerners shiver uncontrollably … Northumbrians go sunbathing

2°C Southerners cars will not start … Northumbrians drive with windows down

-5°C Southerners don coats , hats , gloves and woolly hats …
Northumbrians throw on a T shirt

-10°C Southerners start to emigrate … Northumbrians go skinny dipping in the North Sea

-20°C Southern landlords turn up heat in Pubs … Northumbrians have a barbecue before it gets too cold

-25°C Southerners cease to exist … Northumbrians slip on a light jacket

-50°C Polar bears wonder if it is worthwhile struggling on …
Northumbrian boy scouts put on long trousers

-75°C Santa abandons the North Pole … Northumbrians put on long johns

-113°C Alcohol freezes … Northumbrians get frustrated as the Pubs are shut

-200°C Microbial life begins to disappear … Northumbrian cows complain about farmers’ cold hands

-273°C Absolute zero and all atomic motion ceases ….
Northumbrians stamp their feet and blow on their hands
In Yorkshire the lasses put on two hairnets
Only submitted this post to find a source for Thinsulate Gloves .... as displayed at bottom of page ... not for me of course .

Of course the advert has changed now ... shows how many posts I have submitted ... lesson learned !

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