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mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Dear members of the ARRSE forums

I am a journalist working for Moonstone Films, an independent television production company which is currently making a number of features for Channel 4 News.

Unlike the usual news reports, which are approx 3 minutes long, Channel 4 has commissioned us to make a number of in depth reports, which depending on the issue will be up to 10 minutes long.

I am currently looking at mild Traumatic Brain Injury, a phenomenon that is attracting more scientific attention due to fears that it is a growing health risk for our servicemen and women.

We would be interested in speaking to anyone who has been diagnosed with such an injury. This would be a purely confidential research conversation.

Any help that you can give me will be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you shortly

Kind regards

James Pierson
Assistant Producer
Tel: 020 7940 5573
email: jamespierson@moonstonefilms.co.uk
Having spoken to James I can confirm that this is entirely legitimate. I would however warn serving military personnel that DIN 2007DIN03-006 remains in force and therefore you may wish to very seriously consider your position before speaking to him.
I would encourage James to bog off and do some homework :evil:

mTBI is just another re-invention of the 'shellshock' wheel and is probably going nowhere. :wink:

Sadly, however, all it does is provide some socially dysfunctional and personality-disordered patients (and most journalists) with a nice, neat imaginary stick to beat the MoD and the Defence Medical Services with. :evil:

In twenty years time, when the neuroscientists have finally all agreed that exposure to blast/intense sonic disrpution/ballistic cavitation etc causes funny neurological changes in the brain, we can all chorus 'no sh*t, Sherlock!' together and crack on.

Anyone adversely affected by exposure to combat or combat-related activity needs normalisation and support. They need another label they don't actually understand (see PTSD) like they need another hole in their head :twisted:

End of rant
Military Mental Health Nurse

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