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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by MotorBoat, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Hi, new to arrse although i'm a long time lurker. Just completed my final year of a mechanical engineering degree and am interested in serving in the reserves.

    I am interested in joining my local TA unit however, am not sure what the army's position is on past depression.

    I was diagnosed for the first time in my life a few months back (i'm 28) with mild depression (no self harm or suicidal tendancies) for which i was prescribed a small dose prescription of citalapram and am on top of my game now.

    Is this medical condition a bar from serving in the TA?

  2. Ask the recruiting office.
  3. Yes. It's not really 'past depression' if it's only a few months ago is it?
  4. I see, these events need to be a certain amount of time in the past no matter how minor?
  5. Yes, you're best bet is to speak to your local recruitment center. They'll be able to give you the necessary info such as how long you need to be free of anti-depressants before you can re-apply.
  6. Will do thanks!!
  7. Army Jobs

    Army Jobs Swinger SME

    [TD]I am sorry but we are not able to answer medical questions.
    The best way is to apply online and then we will send you two electronic medical forms to complete, Online Candidate Eligibility Declaration (OCED) has a total of 9 questions you must answer and return.
    Online Candidate Medical Declaration (OCMD) has a total of 150 questions you must answer and return. Complete both questionnaires accurately with all the information you have, and it will be assessed.

    Use the link below to view medical conditions.Medical conditions - British Army Website[/TD]

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  8. There is a difference between those serving, who experience depression and those who have no former service at all in that generally those serving are better known by more people; most important when it comes to access to weapons and upon whom that decision to allow access falls. I'm not saying don't apply; I am merely saying the decision is dependent on a whole host of factors and that complete honesty will be the best pathway for you and the recruiter. I did complete my time having experienced an episode of depression related to barely acknowledged PTSD, it was a brief period of time in my life and I am fortunate that others fought my corner.
    If your experience is in the past then you need to prove it; failing that there is always the ECHR and Mr P.Shiner.
  9. I should point out that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you try to avoid disclosing your condition.
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  10. When you get in ask your PSI

  11. Of course, understood
  12. Appreciate the advice guys, and no-ones even called me a nutter yet. I've seen how some arrse threads can get :)
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    And on that note, you have been provided with the correct answer and escaped unscathed so I will lock this to prevent scribbling.
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