Mild Allergy

Hey guys,

I'm planning on applying for a position, I checked out the army website and seen this:

"#Severe allergic reactions and or anaphylaxis requiring adrenaline injection precautions.
# Nut allergy."

Now, as the title says, I have a mild allergy to egg, I don't need medical treatment, and it only effects me should I eat a whole egg or something with large quantities of egg in it(cake for example).

The worst that would happen is i puke once or twice.

Would this inhibit my entrance?

Thanks in advance.
SantaSpud said:
if your sure its not serious dont tell them but it is on the list of medical conditions on the application form
Dont listen to spud because if you decide not to tell them and they find out later they could kick you out for being untrustworthy. I dont think being allergic to eggs is that serious anyway. Just tell your recruiteing sergent and they will tell you it isent a problem. Never lie.
DONT what ever you do once your in, tell everyone or they will put as much egg as humanly possible into all of your meals and watch you puke.
i have a certain thing with spaghetti hoops, i smell them i get close to puking, i touch or taste them, i barf like a sick dog.

i told my recruiter on the first meet as it was my worry

he laughed and said "get over it"

so im guessing if you have the same thing, youll get the same answer

SantaSpud said:
if your sure its not serious dont tell them but it is on the list of medical conditions on the application form
Mong. Ignore this prick, just tell them, if it turns out that you can't join, there is a very good reason for it,in that you could be a liability.
when i said dont tell them i meant dont tell them its serious and make sure they know what reaction you have to it and how much egg it takes to cause the reaction. About it being a liability i agree, it might not cause any real harm at home but it might have worse affect in the dessert or wherever or the ration packs might included tons of it.
Cool so, thanks a lot, I guess I'll just tell them that I can't go around eating whole eggs but I can eat things with small amounts of egg in it like pasta and bread and such(which is the truth).
You should be ok. I knew a girl who joined and she would suffer anaphylactic shock if stung by a wasp. This was potentially life threatening. I believe she had some medication and maybe something on her dog tag. Last I heard she was a Sgt somewhere
No bother, it's not like you meant any ill will. I'd be looking for the Royal Irish, have a friend heading in there too. Not too sure what career I'd go for, guess I'll see if I get far enough and do the BARB before I worry about that :)
piece of advice - dont worry about the BARB, i was sweating all through mine and was very nervous thinking i had failed, in reality it reasonably easy and i passed. think the nerves are because of the importance to me though.
there is a routine vaccination (and I'm not telling you which one)which is not given to people with an egg allergy, you will have to tell them or risk death by injection. OK, thats a worse case scenario, but you'll look like a complete twat making yourself ill by lying.

Having said that, I'm aware of several people who managed to join up and declared their egg allergy from the outset. Lying and getting found out is usually treated as a 'defect on enlistment'

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