Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mandownmedic, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. I understand that MILAN operators had to perform an annual test and fire a training round but how often did you get to fire a live, real round?
    They must have a shelf live similar to other munnitions and there must have been a Cold War stock pile in BAOR, so what happened to the old stock?
  2. Anywhere between 2 and 4 a year.
    Dependent on what the unit was doing at the time.
  3. You have training rounds for the MILAN ?? :-o
  4. Nope, Indoor trainer.
  5. Ok ;-)
    Training rounds would have surprized me :p

    Your indoor trainer is for the tripod? We have a modeled Marder-turret as "launch-base". (AGPG)
  6. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Returned to manufacturer, and refurbished , to be resold to another country would seem to be the obvious answer
  7. We did the infantry feasibilty trials for Milan down on the Salisbury Plains back in about 1975/6ish. The Milan at the time was a lump of concrete set onto a metal frame with legs which we had to lump around on the ground and in and out of vehicles and helicopters. One of the upsides of of the work was that we got a few rides in a chinook helicopter, something that the RAF were not to get for a couple of more years yet. Being used to working with helicopters where the last place you approached them from was the rear, it was quite novel to jump on the chinook.
  8. I was very fortunate to fire a Milan once, and subsequently had to get a crate in.

    I hit the paper mover, but missed the static hard target when going for the turret ring hit.
  9. Indoor trainer was a plug in for the tracker- very low tech compared with Javelin.
  10. Am sure when Dingger was at Batus, he had to render safe a lot of milan rounds/rockets.
    His method was to detonate them with PE4 as the initiator.
  11. There was a practice round initially, inert warhead for use against a manned target tank. It was abandoned, along with the tank, when shelf life expired HEAT round became available.

    The simulator was a bit basic, but it taught the skills required. We had a near 100% hit rate with live missiles, under simulated combat conditions, not counting ones that went rogue.
  12. Agreed- remembering to preaim being one!
  13. There was a MILAN conc at Putlos in the summer of 89, where we spent a fortnight flying teams in and out of the range complex. Most days we did the low level route past the nudist beach to give the lads something to look at. No idea how many rounds went down the range, but it was a fun-packed seaside holiday for some of us.
  14. Cheers chaps.
    Did you get to play with nearly expired ammo? (i.e. a day on the range with multiple shots)