Discussion in 'Travel' started by the_matelot, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. I'm off to Milan shortly for a couple of days with the woman. Has anyone been before and if so, what do you recommend? I was thinking of doing a day trip to Lake Como (Either Bellagio or one of the other towns) but apart from that, I'm not sure what is worth seeing there/decent restaurants etc

    I have looked on Tripadvisor but I have found that the reviews can be hit and miss from previous experiences.
  2. Mate, Went there a few years back with the Tartan Army! It has to be the worst place i have ever visited!!!!

    There are thousands of Illigal immigrants around the place all trying to sell/rob/beg from you, make sure you do not leave anything hanging loose always have your valuables locked away secured. ne of our group whilst standing in Duomo square was set upon by some ******* trying to sell the little bits of string stuff they have and while he was batting these clowns away some feckin Albanian snuck up and tried to rob his bag. Other fans seen this and grabbed her soon we had about 50 of the feckers around us if it were not for the 15,000 TA and the police it could have got nasty!!

    The place is a dump all built up and when you come ou your hotel all you can see is the street!! Crane your head to see any sky!! Keep your cards welll away from the missus if you visit the Duomo plaza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The good thing os they sell Tennents lager on draught in most of the pubs.There are too many restuarants etc etc to mention I probably could'nt anyway but this is all just my opinion, I hope never to draw these feckers there again if i do I will fly in and out the day of the game.

  3. Cheers for that-I'll keep an eye out for the little fcukers! One of the woman's workmates has been and has raved on about the place but my bessie oppo's girlfriend and her twin sister went there for a weekend last year and weren't too fussed on the place.

    I don't care as long as I have beer to drink and eye candy to perv at,err, I mean the girlfriend's company! :D
  4. Someone's booked a Ryanair super deal.

    Pisa for me.
  5. All I can tell you is, if you want to see Da Vinci's "Last Supper" book in advance, there was a 2 week wait earlier this year.
  6. I'm flying with Lufthansa actually and it works out cheaper than flying with that bunch of cowboys.
  7. matey, like a lot of majors Milan is a great city or boredom centre – planning definitely an asset and, of course, it depends on what you’re interested in? I haven’t been for a few years, but prior to that was in out and about most years.

    The immigrants I understand from mates has become a bit of a problem, (like sarf London really init 8O ), but it’s the type of cr@p blighting most European majors inc the UK. However, unlike the UK if it warrants telling them to Foxtrot Oscar then do so – you won’t be nicked for it :wink: . I saw in the news the other month some little turd got pole-axed to oblivion by shopkeepers for nickin' – shopkeepers fined Eu.10 for leaving rubbish on a public thoroughfare.

    The Duomo is the tourist honeypot. Always has been peppered with licensed ‘souvenir’ stalls and unlicensed toe-rags. In the old days of exchange control there were nudge-nudge money changers too – now they probably sell football tickets – they certainly do around the San Siro. However, two touristy things you can do is visit the cathedral and stroll through the Gallaria. Google for info on these. In the cathedral do see the amazing statue of St. Bartholomew flayed, (hope it’s not too shocking), and in the Gallaria (the world’s first Mall) do not buy anything, even an ice-cream, especially an ice-cream. Innocent looking cafes with no menus and waiters who write bills on scraps of paper, like Eu.20 for each cone you had. Go away from the Duomo/Gallaria and they’re Eu.2.

    Somewhere madam should like in the evening is the Navigli in south Milan (roughly pronounced Na-vee-lee). Milan used to have an extensive canal system which is now mostly defunct/filled-in/reclaimed. This stretch has been adopted as a café/bar/restaurant/arty even music area. Only about 20 minutes to walk the active bit and most food/drink prices are good to reasonable – look for house/of the night specials. Sunday mornings they can host a Flee-Market (ask your hotel). Awful over-priced junk really but it keeps them amused. A 50P Boot it ain’t, but some nice original paintings from the artistes in the side shops.

    With just a few days and no car, you’re not exactly mobile. If making a set piece day trip to a lake, Como is nice but maybe a bit ‘Swiss’? For the same 2 hours each way and, IMHO, more lady Ooh factor, I would plumb for Simione on Lake Garda. It’s touristy and usually busy (especially on a Sunday), and prices are on the topped-up side, but it’s very do’able in a few hours and fun. Garda in the biggest lake and if you have the time take a ferry just for the ride? Oh, if considering hiring a car as an economic option, be aware a tenth of Simione is car park and you will be well tucked-up cos there ain’t no where else to park 8O . Go with the coach tour. :wink:

    If you’re there on 25th April, lucky man. It’s a public holiday for National Liberation Day and if you take your beret and a Union badge to wear you’ll do well.

    Flying with Luftwaffe probably means flying into Linate – excellent choice over Malpensa, which is like flying to Birmingham to get to London 8O .

    The_Honest_man – ”Went there a few years back with the Tartan Army!”

    Well if was to play AC and you are ‘honest’, that was a total waste of time unless you enjoy seeing your team get slaughtered 8O . Better to stay home and grow your liver. :wink:

  8. Echo most of the above.
    Keep a good eye on your wallet (wrap a couple of good thick rubber bands around it - makes it more difficult for a toerag to lift), make sure your other half's bag is zipped up and ensure you have an up-to-date number to call should you need to cancel your credit cards (Seriously!!).
  9. Cheers for all the advice (especially No 9 who pm'd me some good info)-most of it was posted whilst I was there and I didn't get to see it until after I got back! :(

    I stayed in Hotel Berna near the Central Station-it's a 3* but advertises as a 4*. It was only £89 a night per room and that included breakfast (which was very good) and a free non-alcoholic mini-bar that got restocked every day. The staff there were very helpful as well. We flew into Malpensa which is an 11 euro/40 minute train ride away from Cadorna station but that was because I went with Lufthansa-there are closer airports but I could put up with the extra 40 minutes in a train when the flight only cost £49 return each with luggage from Heathrow.

    The weather wasn't in our favour so we shitcanned a planned day trip to Lake Como and stayed in Milan for the entire trip. The Duomo was fascinating and gave me plenty of opportunities to try out my new camera and we sat in on a mass given in Italian in there-I'm not particularly religious but it was good to experience I suppose. The girlfriend was a bit intimidated by all the scrotes trying to sell gash gizzits but they soon got the message when told to foxtrot oscar although I can see how some people may be put off by them.

    I agree about the Galleria being a potential ripoff however (and I know it sounds pikey), there is a McCafe/McDonalds in there that does decent coffee (believe it or not) and it was ridiculously cheap (70p for an espresso/90p for a latte).

    Nightlife wise, it was fairly decent with some very nice restaurants about that weren't that expensive. There was a couple of decent pubs in Moscovo with plenty of eye candy to look at :) and price wise wasn't too bad (for Milan)-12 euros for a glass of white wine and a bottle of corona.

    I got dragged into the fashion quarter by the woman and I popped into the Armani store to see if anything caught my eye but soon walked out again when I seen that even a tie cost 171 euros....

    Saying that, I liked Milan a lot more than I thought I would and I definitely would go back again (but when the weather is better).
  10. I just came back from Florence and Pisa in Feb, and if milan is anything like the rest of northern Italy, then the locals don't seem to like brits much, one calling me a 'cheeky bastard' for requesting the wrong type of bus ticket, he was more than happy to take my 10 euros though...
  11. Good man matey, we'll have to get you to a footy match next time 8O :wink:

  12. welshperson88 - "I just came back from Florence and Pisa in Feb, and if milan is anything like the rest of northern Italy....." Milanese are Lombards (conquered and settled undefeated), not Tuscans (utterly p1ssed-off by Phoney 'freeloader' Blair initiating a wave of supercilious pillocks :roll: )

  13. They probably didn't like you because you were from Bridgend ;) .

    I had no problems whatsoever with them-they were very tolerant and helpful especially with my 'Del Trotter School of Languages' Italian :D and resorted to English to save further pain & grief .
  14. perhaps I was just giving off that suicide vibe :roll: