Milan Babic tops himself.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 6, 2006.

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  2. I doubt if there will be many tears
  3. More b'stards like him ought to follow his example. He will not be missed.
  4. So suicide is no more than initial allegation. We know only that mr.Babic was found dead in his cell. Is it possible that he was killed? Why not?

    Let's look at the outcome. 250,000 Croatian Serbs from Kraina were expelled. No one has been sentenced for it yet. But Croatia is a candidate state in EU. In this context mr.Babic could be a very unpleasant witness.
  5. Another sad loss for humanity...

    Yawn.....Sergey, Sergey, Sergey, please tell me you don't suffer from this charming Russian trait of being pro-Serb? As for the expulsion of the Krajina Serbs, the Croat commander during Operation Storm is currently in custody in the Hague, having recently been captured on Spanish territory (and for what it's worth, if he decides to top himself I'll not shed any tears). Do you honestly believe that any supposed testimony of an indicted war criminal would have the slightest impact on Croatian admission to the EU? Actually, I've got it - those hard-nosed Dutch gave the nod to a hit squad from the Croatian Interior Ministry and they slipped poison into Babic's porridge...come off it Sergey!

  6. I know about the Croatian. He was arrested quite recently and was not sentenced yet. I meant namely this.

    As I understand there was a preliminary investigation. There are allegations (not estabilished fact). If the suicide has been 100% estableshed then why the tribunal launched own investigation?

    Poison? Hear about it first time. How are you aware about the poison?
  7. Dutch news said that Dutch investigators had determined that it was suicide, but that the means by which this was carried out has not been made known yet.
  8. But why? Maybe because 'evidences' of suicide are being forged now?

    Mr. Babic wittnessed against mr.Milosevic. In return he (no doubt) was promised a symbolic sentence that appeared not symbolic at all. Mr. Babic is to take part in Milosevic;s process as a witness again. What could he say. Only God knows.

    I wonder why all cell in Hague are not equipped with video-cameras? In this case attempts of suicides could be prevented and anyway it would be a material proof in such cases.

  9. Can we look forward to conspiracy theories a la Hess now ?
  10. What allegations do you mean? (and I note that you are well ahead of the pack in your allusions to evidence being forged)

    As for my reference to poison in Babic's porridge - that was meant to be taken in jest :roll:
  11. Why not?

    Why he had testified against mr.Milosevic? Maybe he understood how he was wrong? How he was guilty? More probable version: he was promised a quick release after the sentence.

    So he feared a revenge. A man who is about to committ suicide as a rule doesn't fear it. Secret location of prison is a suspisious thing itself.

    Likely mr.Babic decided to change his tune. He realised that he was fooled. His speech on the trial could be a true sensation.

    As to the line of the defence in his case then mr.Babic probably believed that 11-13-17-25 year is not the main question. He could be told that he would be pardonned anyway.
  12. The death of Milan Babic is a serious set-back for the prosecution. He was a potential witness in several future trials, not only in the Martic case.
  13. No loss. Saves time.
  14. Being a resident of Holland with all their liberal views and namby pamby leftie over tolerant arty farty ways, I would suspect he was well treated, to death.
  15. Did I miss something? Was this announced on the national news? even in the press Daily Torygraph today - I'm sure I read through it this morning.

    I agreee no loss to humanity but come on all the money and press airing and their minimal success rate should have at least made into the papers.