Mil vehs for Corps Mess Functions

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by BaggyInBlack, Nov 17, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone here know the official score on using a mil veh to attend a Corps Mess Function.

    I attended one last night in said veh and am being told after the journey, that because it was not a "unit" mess function in our own barracks, that I have to do a re-payment for the journey. They also said that because the dinner was not compulsary, it would come out of my pocket because I wanted to attend. This will also involve putting a line through the already done detail and re-writing it in red.

    Had a look in JSP 341 and could only find out about a unit function. Any clued up Master Drivers, or MT bods out there with any suggestions?

    Regards, Baggy.
  2. Don't know the rules in detail, but as far as I am concerned attending a Corps Dinner Night is duty. A general Corps Mess function may be a slightly different case.

    I bet you would not see the RSM or CO being told to repay the journey if they attended a Corps function, with or without other members of their respective mess.

    Basically I would go back and tell the jobsworth to wind his neck in. Your journey was authorised before you went - if you were going to be billed you should have been told beforehand.

    Good luck.
  3. Totally agree with you. It may not be compulsary to attend, but it's surely expected. I'm one of only 3 RLC SNCO's in my unit. Maybe it's because I'm not from their own. It's a shite decision anyway.

    Hanx for your support.

  4. Agree that you should have been told that there would be a charge before you made the journey, so you could make an informed decision; if you knew that it would cost, you might have chosen to make other arrangements.
  5. Total cobblers,I used a military vehicle to attend the Directors symposium which also had a reception the evening beforehand and then put a 5 hour claim in for my journey down there.As the authority was the Director and I had an invitation, there was no comeback.

    The SO1 took a civvy flight and then hire car.................

    Did you not state the detail when you put in your F/MT 1000?
  6. Yip...put the whole thing down on the FMT 1000 exactly what I was doing. I know it's cobblers....u know it's cobblers....expect the knobber who is doing it ;-)
  7. Duh,

    you are not going on an official journey, you tell me where it states in ANY Regulation (JSP 800 not 356) you CAN travel to them.

    YOU are not automatically entitled to the money from the tax payer to allow you to attend a meeting/party for Corps business - if the CO tells you to go he is liable. Imagine the National Union of Mineworkers billing the public for coach/taxi/flights to their annual Xmas party.

    Talk to the officer who took the flight and tell him to repay the cost of the flight. If he gets arsy, send his no, rank and name of the officer to DFAU or the National Audit Office and they will have their Rottweilers quickly remove him from his job and take his pension.

    I pay too much tax - stop wasting my money ............. get real
  8. Baggy you say that you filled in a 1000 for the journey? If so whoever authourised the said journey (MTO MTWO OPS etc) then their job is to check the validity of the journey and SIGN the 1000 giving you the go ahead for the car. If they have then looks like its their problem to recoup the green paper and not you. :p
  9. I believe the person requesting transport first signs to say that the journey is a valid one as per JSP 341 et al putting the onus on them to check first.
  10. Well ,, I was dicked in the 80,s to drive a minibus for a Sgts mess function. The detail involved going to all the pad locations & picking up various blokes mit frau. This I did,nt mind until one knob of a sproggy tech Sgt decided to bollock me for not wearing a seatbelt trying to give it the biggy in front of his equally sproggy wife. It was a very long journey home for him at the end of the night ,,thats all I can say. I was entitled to ED pay for this which come out of the mess funds. Nobody from the mess was required to pay anything for said transport. Bearing in mind the MT is usually full of mess members who can "pull a few strings" haveing to pay for your transport to/from a mess do is paticually bad drills. Is this the way the Army operates now ?

    Regards LT.
  11. Dont some people want to suck the very joy out of life?
  12. What did the driver get out of this trip. We used to get ED pay for these trips, work off extras or early endex on a friday to go home. If you did not sort out the driver shame on you. As for you paying that is BS you worked your way up the ranks and should get the odd perk.
  13. Wrong. Regt Dinners, functions etc can be classes as official. Hence the reason for an Official Uniform, Temperate Dress No 11, or mess dress to everybody else.

    Wrong. If you have an official engagement you can claim T&S. Eg if you are BFG based you can attend a Central Mess function at your corps/Regt HQ.

    Wrong. Maybe you could PM your details, I'll pass it to the Red Tab who i work for who has just attended such a function. maybe you could invite him to repay it

    and I'm at work on a wed afternoon when i should be playing footy.
    being in the Army has its priviledges. this is one of them. Socialising is an integral part of the moral component plus the traditional values that are imparted at mess function.

    No Fcuk off and book a taxi and all-you-can-eat buffet for you staff xmas party.
  14. Goon Bde,

    fascinating. I stand by everything I said and if you take the time to read up you will find I am correct. PM me query by query & I will show you the SP Pol line & Reg ...not that you want to see it. Your views are reminiscent of much lager induced barrack room banter and urban myth I hear.

    Assume you have attended the DFAU presentations and will understand your own personal responsibility for zero tolerance on fraud ? You acted upon this then or became part of the game ? Happy for you to PM me with all the details in each case, and I can discuss in fine detail your concerns. If not - shut your trap.

    Be assurred I will ensure that any waste of my hard earned taxes is repaid in spades by thieves.

    Generally, it is not the Toms who kick the a*** but greedy, forceful officers protected by spineless sychophants - but your experiences may prove me wrong.

    Best wishes, have you considered a career in selling honours ? I hear TB is hiring.
  15. It is simple really, why do you think all the Corps Directors have a seminar before the Corps function? The seminar is duty with an entitlement to duty travel. No seminar before the function =s no entitlement to travel. Your entitlement to travel once a month for a mess occasion refers to your local unit mess not the Corps mess two continents away!