Mil trg for MDHU staff

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Pompey1, Oct 2, 2003.

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  1. Having been on several exercises and deployments with "Military nurse/doctors" is about time that we introduced some sort of annual training to remind them that they are actually in the military and not civillians.

    The TA do it so why not MDHU staff!!!
  2. once again i totally agree with you, trouble is, give them a date for the training and theyll suddenly have compulsory study days.
    You should (and probably have) see the state of the other AMS trades when it comes to military training, my trade for instance used to have a field module once you were on the class 1, this has long gone, so when on deployments its the old sweats having to do everything while others watch on, luckily there are plans to reintroduce that module.
  3. Why not make this compulsory study then. Although I am sure if some financial penalty were to be incured then they would all ensure that they attended. After all the TA have to attend a required amount of training days to ensure that they get their bounty on an annual basis.
  4. This is all very well, but will the Trusts who appear to actually be in charge at MDHUs allow it?
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    You know yourself, Pompey, as Fd Amb Trg Wing SSgts we have all been tasked to provide mil trg for MDHU and Med centres. It will never happen. Why do Hospital punters want to soil their hands on an A2 or prove they can do battlefield first aid? they are far too superior for that!

    I have given OCs of MDHUs 5 choices of dates to attend a simple 5 day package, even over a weekend- they came back with a no show for all 5 dates.

    Guess who was in front of the CO explaining why I wasn't providing the service?
  6. I have been in the smae situation Qman, but now we have the TA complaining about the military capability of our regular AMS personnel who spend their lives in MDHU's I feel that this problem should now be tackled by those in the puzzle palaces.
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    It's a well know fact the hospital wallahs like to think they are military-current and it's a well know fact they are not. I've had consultants offer to be court-martialled rather than pick up a pistol on the 15m FP!

    Its been the same for 30 years, why should a Consultant be able shoot his personal weapon when the last time a doctor did that he probably won a gallantry award!

    It's a sad fact of life, they will get away with until something goes badly pete tong- just live with it Pomp, they are our millstone and we will have to carry them as always.

    Or until we get a non doctor DGAMS! (fat chance)
  8. QMan

    You could always try giving General Kev a chest-poking on this one, as he is a non-doctor and DGAMS boss!

  9. I have always found in the past that the RSM at the MDHU's has lead the way on this one.

    The Frimley Park guys used to train with us at Keogh many years ago and when I was at Catterick the guys from DK and Northallerton used to turn up.

    I grant you not all turned up and not many above Sgt but they did turn up.
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    New Q, do you forget the trauma of tidworth so soon matey?
  11. But I never mentioned Tidworth ? trying to show their good side ????????

    Cynical, bitter and twisted thats you oh! and a jolly funny chap to boot ?
  12. military training is long down the list of priorities at mdhu's as far as i am led to believe. keeping the trusts happy, staffing old folks homes on the ward, covering for the sickness shortfalls of NHS staff. these are all far more important.
  13. agree totally about lack of military training at MDHU's which is suprising considering how quickly they get of for adventure training. Maybe the GYM queens at the MDHU's should be enhanced by ITD instructors and before any staff are released for AMS skiing, Sailing ,Oreinteering etc they should have to have passed their ITDs
  14. Due to the little time our NHS masters allow us to have for ITD training, what job would the gym queens have left to do within the MDHU's with most of the indiviuals who would want to take part in this form of military training barred. They would be relegated to walk around the MDHU wards in combat trouses and singlet with a clipboard under their arm...! :twisted: 8)
  15. obviously you've met staff p*****n

    (Edited- no names please!)
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