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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by disneyworld, Sep 5, 2003.

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  1. Why are the Corporals and Sergeants courses geting easier and easier.

    Is it so all the pie munchers can pass it and not have their careers ruined just because they can not pass the minimum basic day one phase one recruit training tests any more after years of abusing their slothenly bodies in the Naafi.

    That is all.
  2. Disneyworld,

    You have a real problem with "pie eaters" don't you? One been sh@agging your missus or generally are they better at trade than you? Perhaps its an over whelming jealousy of their immense frames? Has one sparked you out recently or is it that you just are never quick enough to get to the front of the pie queue yourself and would just like to taste the sweet taste of cheese & onion or steak & kidney encrusted in the finest pastry for once yourself?

    Perhaps this current thread is a reference to a recent RSCC where what no doubt you would call a "pie eater" came second on the course?

    Well fella perhaps he is just better than you? You have a go at 80 minutes in the front row of an inter corps rugby scrummage and lets see how fit you really are...
  3. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Do believe thats you told disney
  4. I play rubgy too and im a legend i bet i could kick your ass all over the pitch for 80 minutes thats if you could catch me.
    death to the pies.
  5. The inter corps 15s are on the 16 & 17. Training starts at 1000 hrs on the 15. If you're having trouble getting off work PM me and I'll ensure those that need to speak to your boss do so. Other wise I'll just take it that you're a bluffing knut.
  6. What a chip on your shoulder Disneyland. I fcing love pies, plus I can run and do press ups and sit ups so does that mean I am a better person than you?

    Yeah, thought so
  7. F**k Rugby, i'll see you on Lanyard Trophy.

    Or Cambrian Patrol
  8. Thought as much...bluffing knut...

    No doubt he is called Gareth works in an Office in Slough with a manager called David, and harps on at his work mates about how well trained he is to deal death because of his time served in the (Territorial) Army.

    Float in the water.....
  9. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

  10. stop bitching
    were all in the same team aint we :eek: :lol: 8) 8O
  11. Disney is right, the pie eatin, lard drinkin, pink blouse wearin poofs shouldn't have things make easy for them.

  12. If we can get past the winding up of DW and his apparent hate of 'pie eaters', I think what he is trying to ask is (and I might be wrong here); why are both RSCC and RSSC getting shorter and, (if what we are being told is correct), easier?

    Is it a pre-emptive action by MCM Div to stop people litigating against them for holding their career up? IE - Soldier, unable to pass CFT, therefore unable to pass RSCC, sues army for discrimination of some kind? For those of you about to scoff, I did RSSC last year, and at the end of the course, we were told that TDT were considering removing the CFT and exercise phases!! (We did ask what the point of attending the rest of the course would be if that happened!)

    So Bowman - are these courses getting easier? And if so, why? What possible benefit can it have for the Corps? And I am specifically thinking of the tendency in the Corps to like mil trg and soldiers who are at least competent in it. (I happen to agree with that!)
  13. As far as I am aware (and I haven't worked in the mil trg sqn for some time), the courses are getting shorter. I will try and get a mate of mine to give me the definitive answer which I will post on here...wait out
  14. Perhaps the Corps should look at Op TELIC (I did not have the privelage of going but have spoken with many, at various levels of the food chain, who did, an structure the courses round the lessons learned form there.

    That is teach our NCOs how to survive without body armour, ammunition, spares, kit that works, water, shelter, sanitation and a credible cause to go to put lives at risk.... And at the end of the course be able to stand up, smile and not complain as the politicians say what a grand job our boys did and everything went like clockwork. Oh and then prepare to break strikes for some half witted leftie who wants a fortune for working for 5 minutes a week, or shovelling some dead cows in to a pit for nothing except a burger from some dubious source, or even go to some other God forsaken part of the world that the Yanks have f@@*£% up and can't be bothered to finish the job themselves and pretend its what we joined for and all for a wonderful 40 or 50 quid a day..........oops

    I think you got me going there

    :? :? :?
  15. And I can't spell it seems when I go off on one