Mil support to Olympics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smallbrownprivates, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. From Frank Gardner's twitter feed:

    UK announces mil support for 2012 #Olympics security incl up to 13500 personnel, bomb disposal, 2 warships, Typhoon jets + helicopters
  2. Is that the helicopters we are apparently so short of in Afghanistan that the MoD had to revise servicing schedules in order to increase flying time, or is that the helicopters that are in such short supply that only training and support for Ops gets them off the ground?
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    1. The Royal Navy

  4. Neither...........

    That's all so 2006
  5. Bollocks, it was still the case in 2009 and was the reason my son stayed longer in theatre as the replacements could not get to his location, to his detriment, as he was blown to bits by an IED and 2 others injured.
  6. Why ever would they go to these extreems :?

    Are we under threat or something :?

    I would imagine that somebody knows something that their not telling us to warrant for such extreme levels of security.

    For reassurance purposes my arrse ..... As H.M.G expect us to believe.

    Regarding the air power involved, Can we expect dog fights in the sky's ? :)
  7. Why? As a founding member of The War Against Terror it would undermine "We're there to stop shit like that going down here".

    Yes we are.

    See above.

    Air power? You can't will hijacked aircraft out the sky, fill in the blanks.
  8. Since the Olympics is being considered by the MoD as operational, i would say the latter is the closest fit.

    Agree in principle though... "We have absolutely no helicopters available for use in Afghanistan as they're all either there already, being used to train people, or being serviced. However, since we wouldn't want Mr Cuntolia, Assistant Secretary to the Outer Mongolian Disabled Sports Assocation's Assistant Deputy Director's Butler, getting hijacked in mid-flight at 10,000 feet, we will escort him with one of the aforementioned unavailable helicopters".

    Sounds about right for a country who believe the best way to bring the World Cup to Wembley is not to fix the tube so it's not constantly****ed or increase the capacity to suit it's own population nevermind an influx of extra tourists; and is not to recruit enough police to patrol the events without having to draft in thousands of feckless illegal immigrant security guards and even then have to bring in the army too; but the best way is to give all of FIFA's directors wives luxury handbags .
  9. Christ, all we need now is a patrolling nuclear sub, then we will have a full house! :)
  10. It was in the plans but they decided that since the crew were unable to drive it around the sea in scotland without running aground, it wasn't going to work putting it in the thames.
  11. I am very sorry about your son. I've served in Afghanistan and Iraq, I've had friends injured and killed by IEDs but I cannot imagine your personal loss.

    The aircraft allocated to the Olympics are not the same aircraft supporting Op Herrick.

    The question remains, should we have had more aircraft and a better tasking system in theatre?

    ****ing right we should.
  12. May I pose the question, as the London Sports Day is a commercial venture will the Soldiers recieve additional payment and decent accomodation or will they be camping on wimbledon common and be fed the crumbs from Seb Coes table.
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