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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tartan_Terrier, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. Is anyone here likely to have anything to do with organising any mil skills competitions/exercises next year?

    I'm angling for an official invite for my unit in the Danish equivalent of the TA. I may be able to offer a few places on a weekend patrols competition (Øvelse Blå Negl February 2011) in return.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Speak to WO1 Pratt on 01874 613280 for this years Cambrian Patrol details.
  3. They havent got this years programme published yet but could it be worth getting in touch with:UKRFA

    They hold a big Mil skills comp at Altar every year.
  4. The Altcar Mil Skills event is this coming weekend (30th April to 2nd May).

    My (RAuxAF) Sqn have got three teams entered - 2 FP and 1 RAF Reg't.

    Talking to our Glorious Leader, it seems like all the RAuxAF Sqns are represented; there's also Huns, Cloggies, Latvians or Croats (can't remember which), Yanks, Paddys and a scratch team of Kiwis and Aussies.

    With all the cuts, are the TA bothering this year or not?

    Edited to amend dates cos I is fick.
  5. Blimey I wish my weekends were as long as yours!
  6. Two points freedomman!

    First the RNR is coming from various locations.

    Secondly its the 2nd May not June. Im not staying for the whole damn month!!

    Hope to bump into some arrsers there!
  7. Its only the sad homos that think football is more important than anything else that will be going to altcar this weekend from the TA normal people will be at twickers
  8. Yes, yes, yes... date amended.

    RNR? Will there be a pedalo stand then?
  9. Just mooched around on the UKRFA website and apart from the out of date calendars and events pages, came across this gem:

    Hun about to have a nasty shock?

    (Apologies, I can't post pics where I am - can someone else?)
  10. Hope so or thats two weeks training camp in the town pond wasted, you damn TA/RauxAF probably want to do useless things like shooting and stretcher runs!

  12. Achtung! Take this you Tommy Schweinhunds!
    ARGHHHLE! Hilfe! Mein face is alles over der platz! Hans, qvickly, for me the weekend is over.

    Cheers for that Instinct.
  13. No bother, it took me several seconds to work out what was wrong! ahhh what a chuckle.
  14. Thanks for the ideas guys. We'll have to wait and see if our COC goes for it, but I'm optimistic!

    Any ideas on how one goes goes about finding a host unit in the UK?