Mil Law question

Is it legal to order a member of HM Forces to buy a non-issue item (ie - not paying to replace something you've broken or lost, but being ordered to buy something that is not an issued item)?

Can't give an example because it's not actually happened - it's the result of a conversation I had with someone not long ago.

So can you be ordered to spend your hard earned on something you don't want but the Army wants you to have but don't issue?
No I believe the Forces can not make you spend money on a purchase for kit, if they want you to have something they must provide it at no cost (unless a replacement). I think it is contained in Mat Regs?

Hope this helps.
However if you don't get what they want you to get, in my case a stable belt, then you may find that unjust pressure and veiled threats are made in your direction.

I was told by my RSM at the time "I can't make you buy one but do remember it's me that makes up the duties list each month."

I had already managed to secure one from somebody getting out and was waiting for them to dekit so they could pass it on but the fact he said it in the first place I thought quite shocking.

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