Mil discount programs for UK outdoor brands?

I'm going through a winter gear walting spree right now, as I buy an entirely unnecessary amount of layers for the mountains of Khost. Thanks to my .mil address, that shouldn't be too expensive, since I can enroll in the Arcteryx/North Face/Mountain Hardwear/Patagonia wholesale programs that give me 50% off (except that I'm stupid and went mostly with TAD Gear, which doesn't have a discount program).

Out of idle curiosity, my question is: do chaps in the UK now have access to similarly good discount programs? Or are the Yanks being spoiled again?
Reme get bulk discount. . . is worth a look.
Blacks, Cotswold outdoor and (I think) Millets give 10% discount on production of ID in person. Crag Hoppers have given me 20% online in the past, but I had to email their customer services and ask them for it, then they gave me a promotional code to use. It was being delivered to a BFPO address and I wrote from a military email address, so there were no ID issues.
I don't think I've ever seen a programme giving 50%, so yes it's probably a case of yanks being spoiled. But hey, nice if you can get it.


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Forgotten someone have we?

Edited add: We do at The Outdoorsman. 10% discount for ARRSE and/or Forces membership on most products. Free BFPO shipping when/where available and also VAT free as applicable.
Mugatu2 said:
Blacks, .... and (I think) Millets
same company - so yes, both do.
Mugatu2 said:
Cotswold outdoor ....... give 10% discount on production of ID in person.
They also do a 20% discount to the RN/RM mountaineering club, and I would imaging the army club too. Easily save more than the yearly subscription in one purchase. We've had 35% by combing the club discount with getting it shipped to a BPFO address.
I suppose I should factor in that those companies offering massive discounts in the US can do so for at least four reasons:
1. They already make a large profit from sales to civilians.
2. A good number of military people won't be aware or will never make use of these discounts.
3. These discounts programs are an excellent way to get their products in the field and gear being popular with soldiers is good because 4.
4. The real money is in government contracts.

You can't exactly sell at cost if you're a company whose only customer is soldiers. You can't sell at wholesale prices if you're not a manufacturer. And there's no use trawling for government contracts when a) the MOD is bust anyway and b) the regimental system makes it hard to spread the word about good products.

So, 10% seems quite good under those circumstances!
cheesypoptart said:
So, 10% seems quite good under those circumstances!
Very true; at the prices we sell our boots, if people take us up on the HMF Discount that we offer, we make less than £5 per pair of boots.

Our aim is to sell lots of pairs and look after the troops and not take the piss.


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