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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. right, its come to a time in my career to actually get off my arrse and persue courses, at my current unit the oppertunity is there to break away and do some

    so... the only one that has taken my attention so far (and has done since i joined) was drillys/skill at boots i have no idea what the course syllibus includes (drill duh!) or anything about it. but i do know drill makes me erect in certain places and the idea of barking orders excites me

    so to the arrse community i ask you: whats the best most forfilling course you have done. what can you recommend to me, apart from a spelling course at the AEC.

    (info: lance jack not superman on phys)


  2. please help me... iv got the courses book infront of me but it only tells me the titles. not what the course is like.

    cmon whats your bestest ever course!

  3. Spelling, would be a good start.
  4. i suggest a reading course for you!

  5. Skill at Arms. 6 weeks and enjoyed every minute. Closley followed by the LFTT Course (need to be Sgt min though)

    SAA, if you pass, will give you the RCO and the stage 4&5 safety supervisor qual. Better to be standing by the puddle on a range than swimming in it. You can also get the chance to go on other units range packages as safety supervisors. I know a few that have gone to Kenya and Cyprus as the unit had a lack of Live Firing safety supervisors.
  6. Get on any adventurous trg cse, they're great.

    Masses amount of port and laughs on the drilly cse. Skill at bullets is a sh*t cse give that one a miss.

    How about basic golf skills? It seems to be a very popular cse at the moment.
  7. lots of people have said there is alot of drinking on the drillys cse. sounds good! beer and drill, awesome!

    anymore? even the pissy little ones. im not bothered just want to broaden my experience and get out of work, actually have something to offer my next unit when i turn up!

  8. bfat/bcdt (first aid instr) is a good course, i really enjoyed mine.
  9. Mapric's a good skive. Nothing too difficult, need a good knowledge before you go as there is a test on day 1 and if you dont get 60% youre outta there!

    Course consists of a few examples of how to teach a lesson, followed by several trips out in a minibus, put on a blindfold, drive for about 5-6 miles, (you dont drive, theres a driver provided for you!) you just try not to puke, and remember which turns you took, then get out and find your location within 5 mins on a 1:50,000 within 100m. Also try and point out features on the landscape form a 6 Fig GR and viki-verki. Youre in civvies most of the time, throw in a cheekie orienteering comp with a twist, all you have is a blown up map with no features other than relief. Prep a lesson and teach it to the rest of the class. Jobs a goodun!

    A good course all in all. Ex Sapper called Boris took me on mine, mad as a bag of fish. Dont take a GPS tho you'll get RTU'd if youre caught using it!
  10. Laughed all the way through my CBRNI course. Lots of test though....
  11. EWK

    I have applied for my drills course and the only real advise I have been given is to get two sets of ammo boots, oh and practice cleaning your room.

    Still waiting for my SAA course, hard one to get apparently.
  12. Make sure that you have the pre-requisites ie get a DITs course first. Most other instructor courses ask for it.
  13. Reference the Skill at Arms course, it changed recently and is now longer. In one sense this is good - you don't get 3 lessons to prepare each, when only having to give 1 the next day.

    In another sense it is bad, as it extends your stay at Brecon with the cassette heads, who pretty much split down the middle and are either good guys or complete tossers!

    I know in the Signals once you express an interest in the course, your unit are obliged to pass that up to MCM Div, who control the whole Corps access to SAA from Glasgow. Another one to bear in mind is that if you do go on your Skillies, (a term the infantry hate, by the way!), you are almost guarunteed to go to a Phase 1 training establishment as an instructor. So that may put you off the idea. Don't let it - I had a great tour as an instructor, but it was bloody hard work. Also, at depots, you are pretty much guarunteed to get a lot of other mil courses, as they are always short of instructors. You will also probably get your MLT, which is a civvy qual and can be used when you get out, if you keep it current.

    I hated my SAA course, but have hardly stopped using the qual since I passed it.

    As for Basic drill, that is a great laugh, if you get a decent DS. Mine was ace and we had a scream.

    CBRN (NBC to old sweats) has also been re-structured and is now 4 weeks. I really enjoyed my course and has the added advantage that you never get gassed in chamber again, as you run the chamber!

    Hope this helps.
  14. If your wanting to go on a drill course then you must be p1ssed (already). I've never done one as bullsh1t courses were not my thing, however, I know a few that have done them and quite enjoyed it. Make sure your bank balance is up to it tho, or your on friendly terms with your bank manager and you like copius amounts of Port.

  15. I also did the NBC course and loved every minute of it. Before the course I hated NBC but it changed me completely. You'll end up as the unit god in NBC and can do what you want. No more failing silly NBC test by un-qualified storeman.

    I also done the NBC Warning and Reporting course, now thats a brain tester, not physically hard but you gotta know your stuff.