Mil Course & adventure trg a carrot or an entitlement

I wonder if anyone can help me I have been told by my boss that there is no written down law as to a soldier being able to go on courses or adventure training this surely cannot be true or we are all being held to ransom. I thought it was written down somewhere that each soldier was entitled to at least one Adventure training & one military course yearly. otherwise how do we develop? can someone enlighten me please. 8O :?
Are you Regular or TA?

Have you been told that you're not getting any courses or AT this year full-stop, or have you just asked to do a specific thing and been turned down because it isn't convenient?

Try the Training Wing as well; someone there might know.
Regular, put in wish list for next 3 years & told not essential only allowed courses to fill your current post if we can't get you away because of manpower commitments doesn't matter. :cry: why we lose so many men :idea:
Certainly for Regulars there is no official entitlement. This was rammed home when I took a whole load of my guys down to JSASTC. The civvy skipper there was extolling the delights of sailing and told the blokes that they were all entitled to 2 weeks AT a year: I had to contradict him.

Having said that I remember being told by an Army Doctor that she was entitled to 2 weeks AT a year. Likewise I believe that the RAF have a similar entitlement.

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