Discussion in 'US' started by 1st Maroon, Jun 24, 2004.

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  1. So here I am reading the posts on, and decides me "I shall post a
    witty reply". No can do. Seems my IP address is "banned". Personally I never knew my IP was so threatening. Any of you know the secret handshake which will lead me to postability on mil.paranoia?
  2. If you move to the USA and the far right of the political spectrum they may let you post after confirming your status as a wearer of jackboots and a toothbrush moustache.
  3. Oh dear lord! If you want to get back into the good grace's of the right-wing nut-jobs like myself, all you have to do is say 5 hail mary's to President Bush and you're born again. :wink:
  4. BTW, you are far too easy on the eye (as well as being far too sensible) for Have they discovered that you have been associating with ARRSE yet?
  5. I used to think I was right wing until I met those whack jobs at I don't even visit the place anymore. I like the reserved, high brow atmosphere of the NAAFI better. :D
  6. Awe gee, you made me blush! :oops: But yeah, I've outted myself. I doubt anyone was surprised though cause I've always been one to defend the if that's really necessary in a battle of wits. :D
  7. Most of them aren't that bad, once you get to know them. It is a site that tends to favor the right, and they can be a little tough on newcomers. The mods sometimes aren't very consistent when it comes to banning people. There are a few oldtimers (I won't mention names) who like to push people around, and can get nasty. On the other hand, they are constantly plaqued by trolls who post the most outlandish crap imaginable just to provoke people.
  8. Ive found that most of the crap is posted by the regulars on Fruitbats, the lot of em.

    East Germany was more of a democratic, reasoned and rational place than that bunch of pick up driving, gun toting shaved monkey lovers.
  9. Do you think they'll let me post there?
  10. Well, I'm not a fruit bat. I don't drive a pick up. I don't like monkeys, shaved or unshaved. I'm sure not liberal, but I'm no fascist either. I'm Republican. Now go ahead and let me have it. Do the same thing you accuse them of.
  11. See, you have it all wrong. The difference between here and there is that HERE you won't be shut down for having different ideas. THERE you have to tow the party line or be banned.
  12. They may not ban me, but they'll flame me unmercifully. And I can't really blame them that much. Brits who come to are invariably shredded. But honestly, some of them go there just to pick fights. And I don't know a single Republican who could rightly be called a fascist. True, there are extremists on both sides. The truth is that most Americans tend to be moderate, regardless of party affiliation. Normally, voting decisions are based on economics. That's not so much of an issue now, the economy is doing great, regardless of what the European media is saying. The issue is security, and Kerry has no plan. He can't make up his mind on anything. He doesn't have a chance.
  13. You are right, they will. It's called "TESTING YOUR METTLE". When I first came here, I got hammered relentlessly. You have to earn their respect, after that, you'll have friends for life. Stick around, it's worth it.
  14. He only has friends here as he's sold his arrse that many times :wink:
  15. Oh gee Flashy, and I thought you liked us? :wink: