Mil Aviation Repair & Maintenance 24/25th April, LONDON

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'Scuse the intrusion Sky Gods!

I get these from time to time at work and I expect most of you are similarly inundated.....however, just possible somebody in here might have an interest and not be aware of this event so hey, what's to lose?

FYI anyway,

Military Aviation Repair & Maintenance

Main Conference: 24th & 25th April 2006: Thistle Marble Arch, London - Post-Conference Master-Classes: 26th March 2006

Download full agenda here

Dear Goaty,

By now you have received your brochure for Military Aviation Repair & Maintenance. There are less than 2 months to go before this event, and the deadline to secure your discount runs out this Friday, 10th March.

So far, teams from the following organizations have already secured their places:

VT Aerospace Ltd., BAE Systems, Indra Sistemas, Babcock Defence Services, Serco Defence and Aerospace, Defence Aviation Safety Centre (DASC), RAF St. Mawgan, MoD, Thales, ITP Ltd, Department of Defence DGTA-ADF, Swedish Armed Forces, SAA French Embassy

As you know, the transformation of the repair and maintenance of aviation is vital to improving the overall efficiency of the support of mission critical aircraft. Join Defence IQ's two-day conference, taking place on 24th and 25th April 2006 at Thistle Marble Arch in London, to experience this 3rd annual event dedicated to the European market.

By attending, you will better understand:

The benefits and costs associated with a variety of military avionic diagnostic systems

Techniques for forecasting what repair and maintenance capabilities military aviation programmes must satisfy in the near future

How to forge stronger military-industry alliances, to effectively share the risk involved in the repair and maintenance of military aviation. Examine best practice case studies

Plus, don't miss your chance to attend our Post-Conference Master-Classes on 26th April.

Master-Class A: "Whole Life Costing as the Basis for Successful Support of Military Aircraft"
Master-Class B: Operational Lean 101: A Step by Step Guide on Applying Lean for the Support of Military Aviation

Don't forget to secure your place by this Friday to receive your discounted place. Book now - call +44(0)207 368 9300, email or visit

I look forward to meeting you next month!

Best regards

Jaan vanValkenburgh
Program Manager, Defence IQ

If you have any enquiries e-mail or contact us via telephone 44 (0)20 7368 9300 or Fax 44 (0)20 7368 9301.

Can't make it to the conference? IQPC Knowledge bank has the answer! Visit our Knowledgebank to order your CD-ROM or conference documentation.

Our email updates are the best way to stay aware of upcoming opportunities and events. You'll never again miss out on the essential information you need to stay competitive in your industry. Please register here if you would like to receive monthly email updates.


Apologies for the boredom factor to those who would rather eat their own arms off than attend..... and

- No I don't know how much they are charging and
- No, I don't work for these folk and
-No I've never had the pleasure of the Thistle Marble Arch but no doubt its ver' plush and
-No, I dunno this guy Janni Van der Pump from a hole in the wall

pip pip aviators !

Le Chevre

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