Mike Tyson

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mag_to_grid, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Good stuff.
  2. Blinding. What a fantastic gesture.
  3. What a great gesture.

    I'm sure it means all hell of alot to Ben with him being a former boxer. I guess Mike's another one to add to the growing list of celeb's that give a sh!te about our forces.

    Good man, and good luck with your recovery Ben.

  4. Good Drills, Iron Mike. 8)
  5. Tyson is a rapist.
  6. And a convicted one at that. The point is, he lacked leadership and control outside of the ring.
  7. The man squandered $300 million. I'm not sure how a person can even do that!

    He's said this in a 2005 interview; "My whole life has been a waste - I've been a failure. I just want to escape. I'm really embarrassed with myself and my life."

    Yet even with those admissions of bad behavior on several fronts he still insists the rape charge was false and remains bitter over it. I'm not generally swayed by things like this but for some reason I tend to believe him.
  8. I have a very open mind over it. You stick your head in a Tiger's mouth - what do you get ?
  9. No excusing his past crimes but the bloke has done his time and moved on.

    I respect him for his gesture to Ben Parkinson and whilst it does not absolve him of his past it does go some way to making amends.
  10. When millions of dollars/pounds/euros drop into the lap of someone in their 20's bad things can happen. For every Bill Gates there must be 50 Britany's, Amy's and Mikes. It sounds like he is trying to turn his life around. I never thought I would see him do something like go out of his way to help a British (or American) soldier but it does say something about his character that he would do this. Good for him.
  11. Whatever he may have done in the past. That is an outstanding gesture from Mike Tyson.

    Shame more "celebs" can't/won't do more to highlight the plight of our wounded heroes, and the help and support the truly deserve.

    Cheers N_W.
  12. Mike Tyson shows up why our politicians are so mixed up. They cause all sorts of problems when he trys to come to this country and he has no intention of staying, he just wishes to meet the fans he has for his deserved exploits in the ring "he was a great boxer".

    While our bleeding hearts and politicians seem to hate him for his past crimes and justifiably so. The same bunch of tossers are happy for convicted murders and terrorists to walk the corridors of power in westminster where we spent years trying to stop them blowing it up, One of them was/is minister for education in NI. Great choice.