(Mike) Tyson documentary

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Virgil, May 5, 2009.

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  1. Just watched it, should be out that way in a few weeks or months.

    Ninety minutes of Tyson reviewing his circus life. It's actually pretty riveting. He's now 40 and fat. It's somewhat moving to see him reminisce about Cus D'Amato who took him in after a troubled childhood.

    He comes across as a lot more intelligent then he's seemed in the past I think. It's probably the most introspective 90 minutes I've ever sat through; the man spares himself no criticism with some brutally frank commentary. He blames himself for most of his problems.

    His bitterness at being convicted of rape comes out. To this day he maintains his innocence [paraphrasing]; "I've done a lot of bad things to women, but I did nothing to her".

    Whether you like him or not it's a fascinating film. I found myself feeling a bit of compassion for an older, wiser and humbled Mike Tyson.

    Definitely see it when it comes your way.
  2. Its been out here for ages, and yes it is actually quite good.
  3. Are we talking about the same film? The director is James Tobak and the film was released this April although it was shown at Cannes last May.
  4. What a waste of talent. One of the most gifted, exciting heavyweights in generations, with the potential to be remembered alongside the true greats...

    And he p1ssed it up a wall. :evil:

    Tyson is, of course, the author of his own misfortune. But I would still love to put him in the ring with Don King. Just to see Iron Mike rip the sleazy, money-grabbing, lying fcuker's head off(or at least an ear). :twisted:
  5. I watched it today and I must say he displays an emotional intelligence I always thought he would never posess.The man has certainly grown up.

    I just wish him every happiness now (he still seems quite troubled by his past)....oh and the chance for five minutes alone with Don King too.
  6. Yes same film
  7. It's obvious you're incorrect. I refuse to believe that Britain is ahead of us in anything but soccer and the need for dentists. :twisted:
  8. MONG
  9. At the moment, we're also ahead of you in this year's Ultimate Fighter: Team UK vs Team USA, old boy! :D :twisted:
  10. That's the spirit, it's good to see the vaunted British sense of humor is alive and well.
  11. Obviously fixed!

    It's amazing how the UFC has taken the limelight away from boxing; it's a shadow of its former self when Ali, Frazier, etc were sometimes bigger than the sport itself.

    The UFC markets itself--here in the states at least--brilliantly. It's fighters hit popular radio and TV show circuits to the point where even a casual-fan like my self knows many of their names. They've have pretty much captured the male audience that once gravitated towards boxing.
  12. Nah its SCOTTISH sense of humour bellend
  13. British by birth, Scottish by the Grace of God. :D 8)