Mike Tierney

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jeromesausage, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Morning all. A very quick question to end an argument. I work on the Gsoport ferry and for masny months have been regaled by tales of derring do by one of our daily users. From being in charge of clearing up the ebola virus in Rwanda to being asked by the MOD on the feasibility of conducting a assination on gadaffy only last week, i have had this dripped into my ear on a daily basis. The guys is called Mike Tierney, ex para, ex SBS and exselous scout. I have seen pics alledgly of him here on arse however he looks a lot different, very fat and porky however he rides a moped with Lplates so I assume it is the same guy. I would dearly love to embarress this chap in front of the regulars here who seem to idolise him. To that end with love the SP on him so any comments greatly appreciated. Ta in advance
  2. And sleep, better luck next time troll
  3. How's his dog?
  4. [​IMG]

    The dog's on the back of his moped.
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  5. Read it mate, really just not look like the guy only name and dits are the same. Facially he seems a lot different however every sentence is paras this and paras that...Its a standing joke here however he regales a wide bunch of regulars who seem to be totally taken in by it all and his latest is that he is looking for sponsorship fro the marathon sables, a run across the shahara. I hear all sorts of shit from a million different people on a daily basis however lies + sponsorship in my eyes sounds like theft.
  6. Are you saying that you know a walt who is walting as a walt ?

    Or our walt is not your walt?
  7. School holidays?
  8. Are his trotters cured?
  9. It's walts within walts within shit wind ups I think
  10. I think we were going to get you've got the wrong bloke guv, take the pictures down.

    Now, I'm no Gynecologist, but I know a Cunt when I see one.
  11. He looks a lot, lot different but I first recognised the camoflage jacket as obvious loads of stiched on stuff has been removed -im ex matelot so can handle a needle! He was on the ferry this morining and the more i smirk at his dits the more come along
  12. Does he have a Moustache, has he grown his hair, plastic surgery?
  13. He is very heavily stubbled and I asked him this morning how his leg was. he said some days i just learn to ignore it. He seems to forget that ive seen him in shorts and he seems to have two of them
  14. Is this a lover's tiff or something?