Mike Rutherford - Squaddies should be clearing snow and ice

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nurdleking, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. Mike Rutherford is a complete tit. He now writes for Auto Express and recently stated that Squaddies should be clearing ice and snow from British Roads. I remember this idiot writing a similar piece back in 1991 saying soldiers should be deployed to clear snow and ice instead of sitting in Barracks.

    Do we not pay Council Tax as well!!!

    Funny, don't see him offering to grab a shovel. Auto Express should get rid of this muppet as soon as possible - I would love to meet him and impart a little knowledge as to what the average Squaddie is asked to do on behalf of Her Majesty.

    Your thoughts as always.....
  2. Have been reading some of his (dull) stuff in the CSMA motoring mag for a few years now and he's trying to be the poor man's JC.

    He has an opinion, and I suspect it's to court publicity and controversy for his crap column in the floundering mag Autotosser.

    Waste of space and doesn't warrant anymore air time
  3. yeah it does sound like he has thought " if i say something out spoken people will like me and i can get a proper job with top gear mag!?!?"
  4. I think we should. Afterall we bailed the government out during the foot and mouth crisis, fire strikes, floods, fuel crisis, to name but a few - all tasks I was involved with as a Troop Commander.

    The caveat we should offer though is only offer this service in pro military areas or where troops are welcome/live.

    Lets face it the REME are the para military wing of the AA/RAC/Green Flag anyway, the RLC seem to get dicked for many of the tasks I mentioned earlier so lets go for it. Who would want it.

    Oh and when it all goes wrong in some other part of the world or on our current ops watch the excuses fly as to why we have failed.
  5. Put the troops on standby for snow and ice clearance from June to September, they need to be ready at a moments notice to go and clear snow and ice so they should be stood down from all other duties.
  6. I have never heard of this bloke and maybe he is invoking some kind of institutional memory, but long, long years ago we always did weigh in when the nation needed extra hands.
    I realise that the Army is very much smaller than it was and has proportionally very much more on its plate. Perhaps this bloke is too thick to understand that.
  7. Oh god not another thread on civil involvement. The MOD policy is really really clear - we don't do this sort of thing anymore. The only time we get involved is when there is an imminent threat to life, or when we are a last resort if all else fails. If we do anything else then we charge the organisation responsible.

    The reason we do this is simple - we're paid trained and equipped to do a military task. If we do MACP then we aren't doing our real jobs. More importantly civvy contractors can do this better and with more appropriate equipment than we have.

    Read JDP2-02 (on t'interweb) and that tells you all you want to know about MACP now.
  8. Someone give the idiot a shovel. Hopefully he will dig a big hole & jump in it at the same time.
  9. But, Jim30, the most fun I ever had was on MACP; the Firemen's Strike was brilliant fun for a never-diagnosed arsonist like me. Blue lights, rushing around, one cat up a tree, grateful lady, tea and toast all round, chimney fires, industrial fires (cough, cough, what were we breathing???), endless egg sarnies waiting for the call that didn't come, and did I mention the tea and toast? And lots of beers in the Legion in the evening!

    I just don't get that kind of rush sitting here in my Bedding Store; bring back MACP!

  10. For all of us that can not be bothered to google.

    Who is Mike Rutherford?
  11. Shoudn't we be getting the fat, lazy dole-monkeys to clear snow off the roads and sweep the streets?

    It would probably cost us less in salaries to these scum that it would to pay them benefits, and as they are out sweeping the streets, they wouldn't be littering them. The fat fckers would also get a bit of exercise.

    Clean streets;
    Snow-free roads;
    More money in the government coffers from less payments;
    Healthier people, therefore less stress on NHS;

    What isn't there to like? The only people that lose out are the makers of Jeremy Kyle!

    Lets sign the "telly-tubbies" up first.

    edited for mong spelling
  12. Mike Rutherford is a auto journalist [sic] who writes weekly columns for Auto Express and The Telegraph. He is definitely a Clarkeson wannabee but lacks the panache to get any TV work - But most of all he is a tit!
  13. Thought Mike Rutherford was in Genesis? :lol:
  14. I'm Mike Rutherfood.

    (I'm sorry,I just had to say that)
  15. Hang on, RT. You can't be Mike Rutherfood/ford AND Spartacus.


    PS. Is there any chance of a link to the article?