Mike Prysner USA veteran speech

Mike Prysner, IVAW?

Take it with a grain of salt, IVAW doesnt have a very credible reputation. Numerous members have been proved to have never served in Iraq, Afghanistan, or even the Military.

Matthis Chiroux, IVAW Member and pinup girl :wink: spent 6 days as a Army Journalist at bagram(Never leaving the Base) and has spent years giving speeches about the war crimes he witnessed. recently told the crowd of moonbats outside West Point during the Mulattos speech that they need to be the insurgents here in the USA. Is an admitted rapist, and lives off (Snorts off )of donations meant for IVAW coffers.

Jesse Macbeth, IVAW Member -Famously claimed to have killed 245 civilians in Fallujah (including Kiddies) been stabbed in the knee and sewn up by a Canadian Nurse while fighting the Republican Guard in Baghdads underground tunnels. Turns out he was discharged after 49 days in Basic Training at Ft. Benning as unsuitable for military service.

Jimmy Massey, IVAW Member- Claims his USMC unit killed dozens during a checkpoint shooting, even though an embedded Journalist who was there that day says no such killings took place. He also claims we use Depleted Uranium fifty caliber ammo :roll:

Carl Webb, IVAW member- Claims to be a deserter from Iraq, yet doesn't show on the rolls of any unit since his service in the 1990's. Advocates killing US Troops and sabotaging their equipment.

just a quick sampling
Mike Prysner is just a poster boy for the radical group "Iraq Veterans Against the War". He's just giving the same old speech that John Kerry did before the Congress a generation ago except then the country was Vietnam.

I don't subscribe to any of his views and I certainly am not ashamed of having been a soldier, even if he is.

He's right about one thing though and that is the enemy isn't 4,000 miles away; it's here in the Congress and the White House. We need to get rid of all the professional politicians and institute term limits on service. Throw all the bums out I say.

Casey Porter, he at least had the scruples to realize hwere that organization was headed.

Imagine if you will a British Army active service veteran listening to his organization advocate the killing of British Soldiers and sabotage of their equipment. you might be against the war and it's politics, but to kill fellow Squaddies?
Mike Prysner served as a Imagery Ground Station (IGS) Operator and a Common Ground Station (CGS) Operator with the 10th Mountain Division

Here's his record courtesy of the Freedom of Information act
(No PERSEC Vio.)

He never left the FOB, so how was it he was dragging an Iraqi Girl by the arms from her home and thinking about the Occupation again?
Hey, Goldbricker! It's obvious that you don't like this guy, but what he says is true. Excellent speech he gave. Are you so soft in the head as to imagine that everything the US Forces do is positive?

Bugsy said:
Hey, Goldbricker! It's obvious that you don't like this guy, but what he says is true. Excellent speech he gave. Are you so soft in the head as to imagine that everything the US Forces do is positive?

Begorrah, it be Bugsy the Bog Leprechaun!

Buggy I actually spent a Year in Iraq, as an Infantryman on Patrol, doing raids, cordon & search, etc. not on a FOB in the internet cafes, or being a Pogue.

You werent there, so shut your man pleaser- cnut

One thing we immediately learned on raids was to calm the Children and Women. Even if Dad was an Iraqi PIRA type scumbag :wink: , he usually was complaint if he and the family saw no harm was going to come to them, and we werent disrespecting their women.

I've had the wives make us Chai and bread while we searched the house and outbuildings. We gave Compensation cards for any property damaged, they could go to the CMOC for reimbursment.

You on the other hand must have found out Granma Bugsy liked to be made Airtight on a spitroast of 8th AF types with a Mouthful of Ice cubes and Menthol and Humming the wearing of the green as she did her bit.

So in closing, do one you bag of wasted sperm

Oh and

MsG :roll:

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