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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bowser-Mong, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. Sir Mike Jackson is due to retire soon. Do you think he fulfilled his role admirably or is he just another "Yessir"?
  2. Met Sir Mike,
    Definetly not a yes man, pity he's retiring
    Army through and through
    shame to lose him
  3. Up until his final job I probably would have agreed with you Drnkbstd however I do not feel he has fought for the Army in a number of areas including legal issues, crap charges against soldiers, FAS, overstretch, equipment, Casualties, etc.

    The dissappointment with the POD is all the more acute because he once was a good and strong leader.
  4. Whatever you say, he's looking younger than ever.
  5. Whos tipped for CGS now, and is Michael Walker going to get the traditional promotion to Field Marshal, a la Inge?
  6. Apparently Gen. Sir Richard Dannatt.
  7. i agree with Birdie_numnums. he could have done more to fight our corner recently. methinks he wants some form of reward from new labour for being a good boy and not causing a fuss over our recent cuts and changes.
  8. How do we know what horrors he may have held off? Look at the clowns he has to deal with, he has made the best out of a number of very bad situations.

    Could any of us deal with scum like the government without wanting to seriously grip them?
  9. If he did, then he did it very quietly. He gives every impression of someone who believed 100% in what he was asked to do by the Govt, that includes the invasion of Iraq when the British troops were logistically not ready, the downsizing of the British Army when we clearly need more boots on the ground and the latest op in Afg which he signed off even though it was clear to many people that the size and support of the force was to small. Methinks he was too keen to do the bidding of a delusional PM and Govt. I am also worried by his recent statements that appear to accept the casualty rate.

    It would help a great deal if he would recognise the overstretch situation that he has helped to create. I am not holding my breath.
  10. I dont see what he could have done. He can protest but it his not his job to publicly disagree with his employers, otherwise they would have just replaced him. We are not living in a democracy.
  11. His job is to look after his boys.
  12. from what he said in interviews and in quotes in the press (large pinch of salt on standby) he did seem to push the blair view more than I would have expected for a soldier with his rep.
    as has been pointed out before, the armed forces do the govt's bidding not the other way around so perhaps he was doing the best he could ... perhaps the cuts would have been deeper and the operations more ludicrous without him.
  13. Some here are naive. Our surgically enhanced leader suffers from the common condition 'human frailty' and looking out for No. 1 is top of his list. Nowt wrong with that but please don't be surprised like a rabbit in car headlights if he cashes in on this condition. He has a life to lead as well you know. Afterall, he has been answering to a PM that doesn't encourage loyalty and honour...
  14. Worked for him on and off in Bosnia.

    Decent enough, survived on about 3 hours kip a night fairly regulary because he'd been on the pop. Then the Para in him surfaced and he could be an aggressive arrse.
  15. Wrong (IMHO) his job is to Lead. To get the job done, by a mixture of persuasion, compulsion and example... sound familiar? :)

    At the end of the day, he may be CGS... but he's not the PM. more;s the pity that there are few ex military bods in No 10 or the commons / lords.

    We will all no doubt have been asked by those above us who run our various train sets, both large and small to do things we will have disagreed with. We do not always see the big picture for many reasons.

    I agree with the earlier post which asked what horrors we have been saved from... we'll find out in years to come no doubt.

    I am reminded of the Sun Tzu quote...keep your friends close...and your enemies even closer - this may well explain his apparent lack of outspokeness... or indeed such discussion may well have been occuring behind closed doors at whitehall... again no doubt we'll find out in years to come.