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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jack-daniels, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. This place in Aldershot is just opening its doors to service personnel on leaving the forces. Good idea if it keeps blokes off the streets, hopefully it will give them time to sort out what they want to do in life and the time in which to do it with a roof over their heads. About time something like this opened up round here for ex squaddies.

  2. Yes I must agree JD,great idea
  3. On a similar topic there are places like this around who do help in homing ex service personnel on a more permanant basis.

    Oswald Stoll
  4. I've never even heard of that lot, do they advertise much? Maybe the RBL could help them out. Fair play to them though.
  5. A simple, elegant and practical solution to a forces leavers problem

    Good fecking skills, needs more publicity
  6. I did have there web site and a link in my siggy block a while ago and made a point of telling people about them. Also make a point of giving it a mention when people ask about ex forces accomadation.

  7. Nice one Sluice, I just read this fellas story:


    What a fcuking shame that it came to that for him. Hope he's doing ok now.
  8. And there goes my next charitable donation.

    Good Skills Sir Oswald Stolls crew.