Mike Goldens mum ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by arfah, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. Whilst having a quiet Saturday morning, reading "The currant bun" I skipped straight to the most serious articles. Yes, that's right !
    "Dear Deidre !" Pages 44 & 45 but in particular Page 45.

    I noticed the following topic.


    "Dear Deidre, I have found a combat jacket and beret in my son's wardrobe. I'm worried he may be pretending he's a soldier.
    He's 19 and already has some military clothing he bought on the internet. I knew about that but not this jacket and beret that appear to be the genuine article.
    I'm pretty sure he's wearing this stuff outside and passing himself off as a soldier.
    I'm worried he may get into serious trouble but I don't know to bring it up without him thinking I was snooping.

    Could this be Mike Golden's Mother ?

    If so, Mrs Golden, we feel you're pain !
  2. Not being a reader of the Sun on a regular basis, what was the response?
  3. The Response is:

    Just say you were looking for his dirty washing or something and what you found worried you. Check he knows that falsely passing himself off as a member of the Armed Forces is a crime.
    But lots of young people wear this gear as a fashion statement, and not in a way to impersonate a soldier.
  4. Since when is the crap we wear fashionable?
  5. Since when?
  6. Don't think it's a crime by itself ? But impersonating someone you're not for personal gain could be classed as an act of fraud.

    I ain't no legal eagle !
  7. Airsofter maybe?
  8. If you meant in reference to the article - could be ?

    If you meant me... Definitely not ! 8O
  9. wy is u all talkin bout my mum

    she parssed p cumpney annaul din she

    i saw some of you arrsey peeps on that nails sight called mil.com an i as a loada frends there alreddy dont i now i was a verry seenyer offissa innit.

    did u all pass p cumpnee nah i thort not but u carnt all be nails canya ha ha from the genrul.
  10. Was he wearing this kit on the M6 Tollroad a few weeks ago?
  11. Wouldn't she be a bit worried about his Airborne tat on his chest as well?
  12. Since I made it look good.
  13. Not to mention his obvious personality disorder :p
  14. My reply in the Sun would have been:

    "Dear Mrs Golden,

    Although your pregnacy is somewhat advanced (post natal 19 years 8 months) it is clear that the child is extremely retatarded and will continue to suffer an extremely poor quality of life, especially since Arrsers now no where he lives. It is still not too late to have the foetus aborted.

    I can refer you to a private Consultant Gynaecologist who practices locally. £30 all in and a fish supper. He also does dogs with a hammer for £1.00p

    Your Sincerely

    Dr Walt
    The Mengele Clinic
    Buenos Aires"

  15. There, fixed it for you! :wink: