Mike Golden, the legend lives on

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King-walt, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. Had some correspondance with the legend himself on faceparty, he insisted I plaster it all on here...

    1. mikeakapara says...

    have no idea what your talking about
    ---------- Original Message ----------

    I can't believe your still about how are you fella hows the paras?

    2. mikeakapara says...

    oh dear grow up mate i think u will find ur 5 yrs too late, and why would i want to be a para? there pricks players and wife beaters they have no rep only the vets have that rep, they show no respect and most of all u do all that shit for whet £1500 a mth if lucky ok mate, thats good u carry it on mate i think by looking at my pics iv done a hell lot better than any one of u dick heads,

    and yea ur right it not for every one like the bull shit u get told like cpl xxxand xxx and xxx, xxx a bully who liked to beat us up and then make us hide it, story was so far up everyones arse for promotion, and xxx xxx the ex failed sas wonna be that never even steped foot in the sas!!!! oh cnt be for getting sandy xxx aka the govnor hahaha i tell u what they have got i havnt!!! a broken home no lifes half not ever settled and u know the worst part of it all, they no nothing else but rolling around in mud barking orders i pitty u all, the only respect u have is buy ur selfs, u slag tell lies even make shit up and home into one person to make u feel good hahaha but sayong that who has the nice big house big car super bike x3 and holidays every year and a wonderful gf with baby and good job that pays more than u silly boys would ever think!!!!! uuummmm oh yea it me, now do ur self a favor dnt be a complete prick all ur life and stop falling the silly mugs that have to wright on websites and shit, oh for the record since u lot know soooo much about me wasnt the only thing i couldnt do was the hight thing apart from that i was in the top 10 in lesson and fitness so im sure if i joined any other reg im sure i be good but u lot made me wake up how can we ever respect are service men when u get knobs like u that bully and chat shit, oh make sure u put all this on ur silly arsee web site and grow up, ur a grown man start acting like it not acting like them silly cpl's,

    ---------- Original Message ----------

    It's definately you, no need to deny it, your a legend!

    3. mikeakapara says...

    oh do me a fav put this message on ur arssee website

    i went to manchester socca school not played for the youth team, i trained in karate from a young age and have 1stdan, i turned up at catterick to join what i thought ws the best regiment ever!!!! as far as the mile and half run go ask sandy the muggy guvnor what place was i? 8th out of how many?
    also the letter u have from sir jackson how on earth would i get that stamp from oh yea i can make one up but then how on earth would i know what a stamp from itc catterick look like? u lot never site there and wonder that, that maybe certain ppl have mad this shit up, and as for the recruiter said i was good it funny how in sandys arsse statment he said they where told i was fit one of the best they ever had but yet sandy says im the worst ummmmm im starting to wonder, u have pics of my old house that so cute well i tell u what im gonna up load a few things sunday night for u lot to look at then u can put all that on site and as for japan i think i can talk the basic fighting talk like fight and karate names apart from that ur right i cnt talk, but u will see things on sunday so u lot can all go to hell i pitty u all i hope the afghan kill every one of them u give the army a bad name!!!!!

  2. Maybe you'd better edit and remove some peoples names.
  3. Done, PM if i missed anything
  4. I also have a dream, a dream where it is legal to round up chavs and put them in some sort of mass holding facility- lets call it a camp
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  5. maybe we should petition the government to open a place like Auswitz, just for this purpose
  6. "hahaha but sayong that who has the nice big house big car super bike x3 and holidays every year and a wonderful gf with baby and good job that pays more than u silly boys would ever think!!!!!"

    Amazing what you can get for selling your arse these days, a wonderful giraffe with a baby????? (sorry can't do text speak)
    Clearly the rambling little cnut still has the IQ and personality of a flip flop.
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  7. He's clearly a fan of Sterophonics

    I'd love to know his address just to look it up on google earth just to see how big his house is and big house doesn't count if its part of a block of flats, you can only say its your house if you have free unfettered access to each room, without breaking in
  8. I read this ages ago before getting a log in.

    Seriously is he that thick or does he genuinely have some kind of mental health issue
  9. both by the looks of it
  10. So nice to realize that he is exactly why we have special needs places so he can get his potty training and practice how to use a spoon. Life must be soooo nice living in a dream !!

    He is a failure in life, one of the 'nearly' people, not a 'has been' because he has not been anything other than a pimple on the arsehole of life
  11. Mr Golden and friend.

  12. Does he still have the Tat or has he had the sense to have it inked over?
  13. You beat me to it.
  14. Trust me, its still there i had good long chat with him other day and told him he really does need to get some help and i wont be his m8 till he faces up to his problems. i reaall y hope he does coz u cant go through life like that and u just end up making things worse. jennixx
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  15. I'd love to know how the cretin has obtained a 'good job' with that IQ? I've got a pretty fucking good idea of how he's got a nice house and three holidays a year though - and collecting trolleys at Aldi doesn't pay that well surely?
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