Mike Golden at it again...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bigdumps, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. Out of sheer perversion I searched Mike Golden on facebook and among a number of very funny pictures (mainly him posing) was this missive:

    [align=justify]23 male ex paratrooper have own company about makin money and have a 1 bed flat, like nice things and enjoys life to the max need a gf tho but she got to love the bike tho lol i love a sports bike lol[/align]

    Will he ever stop?

    If you are on the facebook, seach mike golden and you cannot miss him. He is posing and showing off his para wings tattoo.

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  2. looks like he's bulked up a bit....so you better watch out~#!!!
  3. I'm a bit bigger ;-)
  4. oi U lot........................... farkin No!

    Some farkin respec 4 an offisar or else yoo wil get sum from me ok

    Golden M
    Maj Gen, Paras (& them)
  5. Seeing the way he pussed out during Para training, he could be built like Baz Rutten, he's still a little wuss.
  6. who is this dude??

    obviously thick as two planks if all his got to offer is a tattoo from his last job...
  7. presumably he wanks left handed?..right arm looks pretty puni...obviously steriods lads! :roll:
  8. For those not on facebook...

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  9. And he keeps bragging on his facebook how he teaches girls to fight....!
  10. Think you need to be in the London network?
  11. Just search Mike Golden, should be 4th one down from the list!

    Edited to add: Yes you need to be in the london network. Which I believe you can easily join!
  12. Are these pictures from a gay dating site?
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  13. Would be magic if this tragic tale ended up in The Sun. Would love to see this sad little catamite explain himself away to his chavvy little mates all those women he's 'teaching to fight'. Will this cnut never learn that enough is enough?
  14. How does he get his Para tattoo (unearned) to jump from side to side? :)

    Who is going to tell Sandy that his "prodege" has returned?

    These girls he teaches to fight... do they fight in cages too?