Mike Fuller, ex Kent Chief constable, brings agreement between USA and Russia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Dec 4, 2011.

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  1. LiveLeak.com - Prime Minister Putin Kremlin "Growing Concerns" Carroll Trust Scotland Yard Officers Corruption Bribery Scandal

    That is Mr Putin

    Obama Administration's "Deep Concerns" Carroll Trust Case - Video Dailymotion

    That is Mr Obama concurring

    Should Suffolk Police/Chief Constable Simon Ash be trusted?

    That is Suffolk sticking in an "Oooh ah"

    Mike Fuller

    Mike Fuller appearing on the list of credits

    BBC News - News of the World naming Kenneth Noye 'put officers at risk'

    Nick Biddiss in some agreement about matters

    Now who stole the Judicial Review file from Registry of Royal Courts of Justice in 2009 ? After FULLER reversed his order to investigate paramilitary matters in East Kent ? And a judicial review against his decision was made ?

    Also named in the Carroll Foundation matter are Chair of Kent Police Authority magistrate Ann BARNES. And Senior Law Officer Kent Police Bev NEWMAN.

    You may recall that the Kent Police Authority Chief Executive Mr GILMARTIN recently found himself a new job. Oh dear.

    And you already know that Mr BIDDISS from retirement recently chose to send some sort of report of concern to Kent Police Pro Standards about what had been concealed from him at the time he was conducting the murder inquiry 1996 into the killing of retired MI5 officer Ken SPEAKMAN at Ramsgate (A member of the notorious 6th Thanet Gun Club)

    Maybe Baroness SCOTLAND had to employ that illegal immigrant cleaner cos she herself was so busy trying to clean up elsewhere eh ?
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Thread Status:
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