Migrants use gay marriage loophole - the times

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by theoriginalphantom, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2087-2047390,00.html

    "Migrants use gay marriage loophole
    Robert Winnett, Ali Hussain and Claire Newell

    LAWYERS are prepared to advise potential immigrants how to gain British citizenship by signing up for “gay marriages” even if they are heterosexual.

    Undercover reporters were told by six different firms of solicitors how to exploit a loophole in the civil partnership rules to get passports.

    Immigrants face less rigorous tests if they seek to gain British citizenship through a civil partnership than through a heterosexual marriage.

    Under laws that took effect last December, gay people have the same immigration rights as married people — and may secure a full passport after two years in the country.

    However, while marriages have to be consummated to qualify there is no such requirement on couples in a civil partnership. It is thus not illegal for two heterosexual friends to form a civil partnership and then to “divorce” after two years once the foreigner has gained British citizenship."

  2. Why don't we just officially open our borders? We've been doing it bit-by-bit for years and this appears to be the final straw... :(
  3. Again, is it just me who is amused by the title 'gay marriage loophole'? :D
  4. I was trying not to snigger at that one...
  5. The first thing that I said on reading the strap-line for this thread was "Fcuk Me".


  6. Soon there will be a ring of Gay marriage loopholes, that said the uncover cops will have to penetrate these illegal rings :lol:
  7. Nice to see that there is such as thing as an honest lawyer though (Callistes).

    I'd like to know what the Times edited out of those quotes though, there does seem to be rather a lot of '...'ing in that article.

    This ha to be a urine-take:

    "A Home Office advisory group will discuss the issue at its next meeting. Mark Rimmer, a member of the group and registrar at Brent council, said: 'It is among people with student and work visas who want to settle permanently where we will see the abuse.'"

  9. Who ensures the marriages have been consummated so it's not just friends who have married to gain entry? Do they have to have sex in front of an Immigration Officer ?
  10. The issue isn't whether they have had sex or whether they will, the issue is that lawyers in this country are prepared to give such advice. These are the same lawyers who will fight their cases in court at the tax payers expense and who stand to receive thousands in fees whilst their clientel, some of whom this country doesn't want, stand to gain more.

    There should be a tighter regulation of lawyers in this country. So far it doesn't look like anyone has bothered themselves to regulate the profession and I used the term 'profession' very loosely in this instance.
  11. Regulate the lawyers? Excellent idea Biscuits AB.

    I'm sure our Prime Minister, supported by his lovely wife will no doubt be right behind this plan.



    PS. I really do think you're right Biccies, I just can't see it happening whilst Parliament is full of them. :-(
  12. Lawyers are regulated, sort of with regard to the Bar Council, (also a comparable body for solitictors but cant remember the name offhand) as an overseer on practicing.

    I think a recent case happened over those 'no win, no fee' adverts, somone got their collar felt, though it was by the ASA, not and inhouse body.

    The trouble with inhouse regulators, like the Police Complaints Authority as well, is that it can often been seen as 'whitewashing' the offence.

    However, on the topic of the thread I agree that it does seem irresponsible for the lawyers to advertise, whereas if they were consulted by an existing client, it would be reasonable to assume they would point out the loophole. In sum, there needs to be a careful review of adverts such as these, and also to tackle the main problem of the loophole itself. Why immigration is tied to marriage at all is beyond me. :?
  13. They aren't being regulated enough if they are prepared to pull stunts like this. And we should remember who's paying for it as well.
  14. Agreed.
  15. Anything as long as it stops the cnuts breeding! But it should see some great headlines along the lines of "Illegal Immigrant Ring Busted"