Migrant workers and road tax etc!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Muzzle_Brake, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Having just been abused by some foreign twat in his car from a Baltic state! What is the score on these feckers when it comes to raod tax etc? I have noticed that there are more and more of them every day driving around in their cars from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland + many more! When they enter the country do they have to declare their vehicle? do they then have to register it, pretty peeved off that these feckers can get around without paying tax etc and no one to check the b;stards.
  2. I remember reading somewhere that they've got 6 months carte blanche and if they keep the motor in the country then they've got to declare it and hopefully get the same docs as the rest of us, keeping my beady eye on it as a Polish fella has just moved in next door and he has a Polish plated car.
  3. Someone was telling me (although questionable) that upon leaving their home countries they will buy cars on HP then do one to our shores where they couldn't be chased here?
  4. Makes me chuckle a little when you consider the amount of Brits overseas who gleefully move their vehicles out of their overseas country of residence every 6 or 12 months to avoid having to register.

    Although I agree that it is very annoying that the loophole exists, don't forget, it's a 2 way thing and we get the benefit when Brits go to other EU countries.

    The biggy is insurance or the lack of it and were I to be paid a kopeck for every time I've received a blank stare in response to my question of "Strahovka yest?" why, I'd nearly have a rouble :)

    Mind you I love the upside down logic that the Balts display in relation to insurance;

    PC Speedkuff - "Insurance please"

    Balt - "?"

    PC Speedkuff - "Insurance, erm, strahovka pajalsta?"

    Balt - "Ahhhh, strahovka... No have"

    PC Speedkuff - "But insurance is required, in Latvia/Lithuania/Poland also. Please show me your insurance"

    Balt - "Is old car, not bothered if not insurance"

    PC Speedkuff - "What if you have an accident? You need insurance"

    Balt (Now smiling as if addressing a complete lackwit) "But I'm not going to have an accident!"

    PC Speedkuff - "Aaaaaargh!!!!"
  5. If the person importing the car is going to return it (on a permenant basis) within six months to his home country, then he does not have to declare it. The moment he knows that the car is going to be in the UK for more than six months (this could happen on day one or after almost six months) then he has to register the vehicle and import it officially.

    Even though on foriegn plates the car must have insurance that complies with EU and UK law. It must conform to the host country's MoT equivalent and be 'in date' in all respects (e.g. here in Hungary the MoT is every three years).

    Notwistanding the above, if a vehicle is looking ropey, then no matter where the vehicle is registered (provided it is not on diplomatic plates) then Plod can stop and inspect it and if found unsafe (by UK standards) it can be impounded/taken off the roads.

    As for the floppy doing a runner on the HP, this is very, very rare (much more common for Brits to do it!). Companies in Central and Eastern Europe all have UK partners (or are subsidiaries of UK companies) and chasing down a culprit is easily done: as soon as person does a runner and stops paying the HP then the vehicle is effectively declared stolen and will appear on all police computers within the whole of Central and Eastern Europe (even Bosnia and Serbia).

    At the moment foriegn plated cars seem to get away with a large variety of offences. This is changing rapidly. Countries are now agreeing an EU wide scheme whereby penalties imposed by one country are valid throughout the EU. Thus a Brit banned for drunk driving in Austria will automatically be banned in the UK (and vice versa).

    Full implementation will take about 18 months, but it is already happenning throughout most of mainland EU.

    Regarding insurance, getting away without insurance in the accession states of the EU is almost impossible: these people are playing the 'stupid floppy' card.

    Now where did I leave my UN driving permit and diplomatic passport???
  6. Certainly many Brits play the same game if living/working in Europe, although if they do catch you in places like Spain the penalties will make the eyes water a bit.

    We are very poor though at dealing with law breaking by foreigners on our roads, te Germans used to have a very good system where by if you were caught you were gven the choice of either paying bail to the scale fine for the offence or becoming the guest of the german govt until your trial came up. Equally with current number plate reading technology we ought to be able to catch people trying to get their car out of the country after an offence if they haven't paid up, and equally moniter whether or not the car has been in the country for over the permitted 6 months.

  7. A bloke down the street he's been here for 2 years driving around in his spanish plated car i repoted him to DVLA gave them his name,address place of work veh type,VRN etc, the reply i recieved, sorry that we only have 1 enforcement officer to cover the town, so nothing may happen but thanks anyway.

    Why bother?
  8. Also very noticable how many hoods in Clapham-Brixton-Peckham-etc are driving around in foreign-registered cars. Reported 2x suspicious activity and 1x RTA involving such vehicles to cops, with about the same response as you got from the DVLA.

    Bit OT, but...also reported what appeared to be an attempted burglary by some chaps in a german-registered rental van. Cops unable to attend (or do anything about alerting nearby Dover/ Chunnel to check contents of said van), but promised to put the info on their intelligence database...... WTF? Just in case some other foreign crook happens to rent the same van for his cross-channel thieving trip?!
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I don't understand why we don't implement a system like the Austrians or Swiss whereby if you drive on the motorways you need a tax sticker. Bought from Petrol stations and paid pro rata for the amount of time you want it valid. No sticker then pay on the spot fine. Fair and easy. In the Czech republic I remember being on Austrian plates getting stopped by every copper to see if I had their version of the sticker. Its fair and simple. No chance of it happening in the UK then. :roll:
  10. No chance. It will be against someone's Human Rights!
  11. Nowt new. How many UK mainland registered cars did you clock in the Falls or on the Creggan or some other left footer estate some years back ? Mainland plates = no vengeful.

    I ALWAYS carry a small disgital camera in the glove box now. Stuff his east euro human rights. If he clips or annoys me in his jam - jar I get the evidence right there.

    Puts the shits up Chavs too.

    Ooops, they're open...Pint please !
  12. Scrabbers , good idea the camera , personally I would prefer the 9 milly.

    did I realy write that ??
  13. Agreed its the best system, all those european lorries would have to contribute towards the cost of clearing up after they side swipe another poor sod on the M25.
  14. Just been in Lincolnshire recently (Capital of Portugal/Estonia/Russia......)The police openly admitted it was pointless pulling european cars as they knew the paperwork would keep them busy for a month and same thing lack of DVLA. A lot of the time they'll drive over here for around five months go back abroad then re-appear with a different car. Check the local papers for the amount of drink driving/ no insurance / no tax reports its normally 90% Eastern European.