migrant workers allowed to join hm armed forces

just looking at the army pay review for this year. in one paragraph it mentioned that the army should broaden its field as regards to recruiting
RECRUITING: The Armed Forces face a number of challenges in recruiting and retaining capable people. The reducing supply of youngsters not in full-time education means the Services will need to improve their share of the recruitment market and, as further and higher education draw in more young people, the Forces will need to develop more flexible entry points and training routes. Increases in labour supply will mainly be from older people, females, ethnic minorities and migrant workers – groups not traditionally attracted to the Armed Forces or ineligible to join.
looks like we gonna get a shed load of poles working with us

squigeypie said:
looks like we gonna get a shed load of poles working with us
That takes care of the question of what were we going to do with all those left over lances then.....
Petriburg said:
Shame that... feckin' good soldiers, the Poles...
Absolutely true. Polish Armd Bde, Ab Bde etc served with us from Normandy to the German surrender.

Apparently Polish pilots in the RAF were the only ones happy to take off in thick fog in order to have a crack at the Nazis.
Sven said:
I suggest that the author, whilst not making it clear, is referring to Commonwealth soldiers
they are eligible to join arnt they, the quote in the pay doc says recruiting from areas previously ineligible to join
Thanks CrapSpy...

I spent 2 years "watching" them some while ago...

The Sovs and the Ossies were never "comfortable" about having them as "Allies".

I also met quite a few of The Few and they were some of the feistiest, hard-drinking elderly gents I've ever had the pleasure of meeting!

I'd be more than happy back-to-back with a Pole in a scrap... 8)
Sounds like a workable plan... long as the immigrant gets a fair shake at citizenship for putting his 4th point of contact on the line. Some of the best soldiers I've worked with in the US Army were fellows taking the service route to becoming Americans so I'm sure the same will be true for you Brits.
Sven said:
Petriburg said:
Shame that... feckin' good soldiers, the Poles...
before you LOL mate take look at the free poles fighting record in ww2 quite impressive, and actually rather better than ours in a lot of cases, wasnt it the poles who actually got to take monte cassino from the german paras?
Yep... if only the powers that be allowed the darned place to be bombed and shelled earlier then perhaps thousands of lives could have been spared. I'm all for preserving history, but not when the preservation is given higher status than one's personnel.
I think it was crusader.. I was driving my OC and after we arrived in location he wanted to assist in scrimming the rover up.

He sent me off to fetch a couple of poles.

When I returned with Blazewitc and Bogdanovitch he wasn't best pleased.. :D


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I'm all for the poles signing on the dotted line. Rumour has that they are madder than a mad thing locked in a small box.

Interesting take on the US forces policy on people wanting citizenship. What a marvelous idea. Forget making immigrants sweep streets and do community service jobs; give them a 4 year stint in Her Maj's finest to turn them into hard-drinking, swearing, fornicating and highly valued members of society with a better grasp of the lingo and culture than most chavs you'll ever meet.
It's like the one about the fella at the Olympics looking for the start of the field and track and sees a bloke with a large pole so he asks him if he's a pole vaulter and the bloke replies ''no I'm a German but how did you know my name was Volter''!

*gets coat*
looks like we gonna get a shed load of poles working with us

Fought well at Monte Cassino after spending 2 years in Siberia in Stalin's Gulags

We should have Polish Sections of the British Army as we did 1940-45 - and then invite the Bundeswehr to join and incorporate The Luftwaffe into the RAF.......
There is a Loggie Regiment based in Germany(ie 7 Tpt Regt) that still has very strong ties with the Poles after it was pretty much full of them during WW2 and for a long time after (when they couldn't go back to Poland).

16 Tank Transporter Squadron remained with the newly named Regiment bringing with it some of the Regiments Polish history. The Squadron was a British Mixed Services Organisation (MSO), previously made up of ex Polish POWs who were unable or unwilling to return to their native Poland due to Russian occupation. In 1987 the last of the Polish MSOs retired with great honour, many had spent over 40 years of loyal service with the Regiment. 617 Headquarters Squadron was reformed in 1993 having been disbanded in 1991. The Squadron was previously an entirely Polish MSO unit based in Hamm.

The Regiment’s strong Polish history is maintained with its crest, the Polish Eagle, flying the Polish flag and by regular fundraising for Polish charities.
The Poles fought for the RAF bravely and manned many ships, as the Free Poles.

I met an ex-RAF pole in Poland once, and he couldn't buy us more drinks, it was an effort to try and return the favour.
Wouldnt be a bad idea at all, plenty of lads whose family have Polish backgrounds served with us, so cant see why it would be a problem now.
I was posted to 3 BAPD in BAOR in the mid 70's and was advised to learn a few words of German. What did I get? I load of Portuguese Labourers(Known as Pork & Cheese or MoJo's) from the Mobile Civilian Labour Group (MCLG) instead! as well as drivers in the Mobile Civilian Transport Group (MCTG) The MSO was mainly Tank Transporter Drivers or Guard Service by then.

While in the UK we had European Voluntary Workers (EVW's) who were a mix of Eastern European Displaced Persons inc Poles, some of whom had even served in the SS.

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