Migrant family of nine target britain and get house and benefits in 3 weeks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Aaaaaargh, POP, thud!
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  2. Is that them dropping another scrounging brat?
  3. “My constituents are sick to the back teeth with this sort of thing."

    I'm sick to the back teeth of these sorts of articles.

    For every story like this there are 1000's of people falling through the net, local or foreign, it doesn't matter.
    It's just outrage sold by ******** media moguls, Murdoch's disciples who masturbate to Atlas Shrugs.
    Stop lapping up this shit, it's not healthy.

    All it does is desensitize people when the government continue rip off the unfortunate even more. We don't need media controlled politics of envy in this country anymore, it hasn't got us anywhere.

    The leftists are envious of the super rich and want to take all their money.
    The rightists whinge about poor people getting "money for free". (done real well for themselves, wasting their lives away in depressing shitholes, they have)

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  4. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    If they were living on the streets the council should have taken the children into care. There'd be a lost less comng over if they thought they might lose their children.
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  5. Repeal the Geneva Conventions Act and deport every last one of the *******.
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  6. No problem with housing families who need it, no matter who they are. If this keeps people off the streets, that's a good thing, let's assume local authorities would do the same, in the same double quick time for UK residents. But do they? Perhaps the problems are with the law and the EU. If EU vagrants know they're likely to win sympathy and housing with dirty protests of course they'll try it on. UK benefits claimants wait up to six weeks for decisions and I don't remember many getting a house inside three weeks. Sorry, but some people are taking the piss, have done for a long time, and the law should be changed.
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  7. Bloody annoying deport the ******* when will the bloody government tell the EU to sod off.
    Why any one in their right minds would agree a treaty that opens the flood gates is beyond me.
    Did we not fight WW2 to keep the UK from being eaten up by the Germans all the lives wasted when some twat signs away our country at the stroke of a pen.
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  8. Oh, you fought in WW2? Well done!

    Anyway, if they get past the border they are our problem. The only people to blame is the Borders and Immigration agencies. Once they are in, they are entitled to as much as the next guy. If you want to stop this happening, tighten border control, simples. Otherwise, STFU.
  9. Cant understand why people are still outraged about this. I used to go bloody insane a few years ago after hearing stuff like this but I've come to accept that this stuff is going to continue to happen as long as there is soft government. No point getting riled up about it.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Rings a bell with me
    When I left and handed in my I.D. card I was obviously invited to leave camp.
    Tried my arm with the local council who just about laughed me out of the office.
    Not their problem etc mid you don't fall over all those teenagers with prams who need a four bedroom house.
    At some point it happened to be mentioned my girlfriend was in Cyprus with her parents.
    Is she a foreign national then?
    Dual passport
    Ah how the wind changed nudge nudge wink wink if she turned up homeless we'd be obliged to house her.
    Johnny foreigner has entitlements you see.
    Never took them up on their offer
    Nothing a lesbian, lentil soup eating housing officer likes more than a homeless foreign family who need every benifit under the sun.
    You baby killers can put your medals away and buy somewhere with all that blood money you earned.
  11. Scrap the dole and all the rest of those benefits (except for certain cases ie disablity) and replace with 'state employment'.

    See how keen they are to appear on our borders knowing they'll have to work for their money picking up roadkill and scrubbing graffiti and pulling ploughs by hand.

    Rent paid from these 'state wages', which should start to drive down teh (quite frankly) inflated 'rental costs'.
  12. I read yesterday that job seekers may have to actually work for their wages. I can't for the life of me find it as I read it on my bbc news app.
  13. Well thank feck you're not in charge of the country.

    Not only would it NOT stop people from dire places to come here as picking up roadkill, scrubbing graffiti, and pulling ploughs in the UK would still be better than doing it in their home countries.

    The only result would be exploitation on an epic scale and more profits for the bigwigs. While simultaneously driving down the average wage, further destroying our economy.

    All because of a few bulgarians getting too much dosh. Not really worth it.

    Meanwhile the UK elite has avoided £25,000,000,000 in tax this year.
    But keep on being pissed off about some foreigners getting a few grand.

    I wish the newspapers would shine the light on more tax avoidance, rather than benefits scroungers, but then the newspapers are run by tax avoiders... *sigh*
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  14. Not p1ssed off at foreigners getting 'a few grand' at all. What I am p1ssed of at is a welfare system that is practically designed to entrap people in a 'welfare web' encouraging htem to waste away what life they have, whilst blocking those who have put some money away from assistance.

    Tax avoidance is another biggy, which could be tackled by making a fairer and more simple system... although we do have to careful. Going after the 'big fish' could cause them to leave... and with them the employment and hus taxes of their minnows.