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Sorry if this has been asked before!

I have recently appealed my application to join due to being rejected! I used to get migraines when I was 11/12 years old, I am 23 now and had one in march which I think was stress from my grandad being in hospital, dying. I have never been docs about them and I have been sent a form to get my doctor to fill in, baring in mind I have never seen my doc about them!! There is a couple of questions that stick out as being a problem to join, is there any disrurbance of vision, do you get nausea or vomiting and can you carry out normal activites when you have a migraine. Im guessing it would be a definite no no if I said I get vision disturbance and vomit and cant do normal activities?

It isnt the norm for me to get them but when I did in march I just took a couple of pills and got on with my life! It doesnt cause problems for me!

What are the chances of my appeal being successful? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
Yes they are migraines! Im assuming when I was younger it was due to hormones! I do get slight tunnel vision but it hardly effects me! Thats just a warning to get some pain killers in me and then im fine! I dont think they should know that though!?!? Im assuming thats what they dont want to hear!
Why do people insist on exposing their personal information on a public interest site which has no influence over the medical board and the appeals process.

The appeals process is discussed in depth in the medical thread. Your success will depend on your doctors recommendations and the boards decision. Good luck.
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