"Mighty Morphing" Medical Services

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Frank, Jan 5, 2005.

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  1. What are we all like?

    1. Doctors, want to be leaders of men (or women).

    2. Nurses, want to be Doctors. No scrap that, want to be everywhere and everything.

    3. Medics, want to be. Well want to be Paramedics and i suppose a few other things besides.

    It seems to me that were tying ourselves up in knots on about merging HCA's with CMT's and Nurses having prescribing rights etc. Cant we just stick to being the best we can. To much of this, well if i do this course then i can pi55 all the way over there.

    We cannot hide behind "well it works for civi street" because it doesnt. Doctors are bussy, full stop. Nurses are too busy because they're booking beds themselves then having to mop up old Phillis' vomit. This is because, yep youve guessed it the HCA or whatever they are, is to bussy tied up suturing or DPL's or something Hollywood.

    I agree that specialists working in some departments need extra skills but are we not loosing identity and trying to improve the ball bearing :?:
  2. Frank, You do make some valid points. We within the AMS do appear to be tieing ourselves up in knots, we do seem to be doing a lot of wingeing, finger pointing and back stabbing. I agree that many areas of the AMS work damn well and should be left alone. Unfortunately the CMT is now a very wary and cautious beast due to many hundereds of failed inituatives and off hand promices made over 20 years or more. It is time for someone much higher than my pay band to realise that if a good inituative is set in motion and followed through then the recruiting, output and retention of CMT's would improve dramatically. But it needs to be a strong willed character who understands the inner workings of a typical CMT.

    :?: maybe Ventress could be employed as a civilian consultant :D
  3. Is the CMT cadre that desperate :twisted: :wink:

    It does need impetus from above to sort out its career structure. Is merging with the HCA the way? Who will control said new beast?

    Bet you the grey mafiosa will be in there whinging that its theirs to command if you do, and so the CMT is finished and handed over to the QAs and so the final death throes of the RAMC begin :roll:

    Mind this is all pure speculation and conspiracy theory :wink:
  4. cough cough in hand:

    I thought it was the DMS so don't forget us poor relations :oops:
  5. nothing like a conspiracy theory to get the QA grape vine shaken :!: :wink:

    who knows they may be as fed up with the HCA's as the RAMC is with the CMT ?

    NEW CORPS maybe :evil:
  6. I'll fecking PVR if it is :evil:
  7. Divide and conquer...................VC a Grey Mafia plant, DR, DMS Thought Gestapo, overly optimistic or a genuine Wino?
  8. or all of the above :wink:
  9. D-L.........your quite obviously a repressed CMT........just do it mate!

    Freedom? the ability to put on green uniform without having to scoff chocolate, tell everyone how important you are, delegate your job to others and then claim some sort of moral high ground.

    As a QA, you'd do all of the above and feck all else;but you would claim it a a right; after all you trained for years to sit on an rsse that size and tell people who know the patient's (Clients) better than you how to talk, treat and talk to them. 8)
  10. We both hold QAs in high esteem then :twisted:
  11. DL wrote:

    I thought everyone wanted to hold QA's high in steam ? :roll:
  12. You can't be a CMT; the entire Army knows QA's are too heavy to be hoisted by anything less than a JCB, 2 x CMTs . or $ x Lab Tachs and other types of scientist. :twisted:
  13. Crane Field Medium at the very least :lol:
  14. our Regt only has one QA ? what a blessing MDHU's are it keeps the QA's away from us :D
  15. I say get them to the Med Regts, that way I only have to look at a few :roll:

    Mind they are getting prettier these days, or am I getting desperate these days or is my eyesight going finally 8O :cry: